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One of the more popular articles on Married (with Debt) is part of our 10 Rules to Eliminate Debt and Change Your Life – the part where we make a debt and budget spreadsheet to track our bills, debts owed and daily spending.
If you are married or otherwise in a committed relationship that involves the combining of finances and want to get out of debt, you need a plan.
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and begin attacking debt like a drunken sailor, it is critical that we take some time and put all our expenses into an easy to use and follow format. A debt and budget spreadsheet, along with a debt payoff calculator, are a great way to keep your get out of debt journey in context.
If it’s going to take three years, at least you know that going in and can prepare yourself mentally for the long journey ahead.
Though we are making sure that both partners are on the same page, it is probably a good idea to designate one partner as the person to keep the chart updated. Even if one person is in charge of the debt and budget spreadsheet, make sure you are reviewing it together at least once a month and comparing the current month to previous months to establish trends.
If you want some more in-depth instructions on how to use my debt and budget spreadsheet, make sure you read this article. If you use a spreadsheet or just a notebook, the important thing is that you have everything on it, and that you are consistently keeping it updated. This entry was posted in Debt and tagged debt payoff calculator, debt spreadsheet, debt tracking worksheet, debt worksheet.
In terms of finances, as long as both people (if you’re combining all of your funds) are on board, I find it easier to just have one person manage the spreadsheet.
I do like the method you’ve come up with though and I’d certainly encourage anybody out there to GET ON A BUDGET! I put together personal financial statement templates and share them on Google Docs for free. This has to be the most thorough and complete spreadsheet that I’ve ever encountered.
Everyone needs to be on a budget, and having access a powerful spreadsheet will certainly put a lot of people on the right track. Wikimedia CommonsThe line between North and South Korea is one of the most nerve-wracking borders on Earth. This relic of the Cold War has seen plenty of very hot engagements: Over 300 American and South Korean, and almost 400 North Korean soldiers were killed in firefights in 1969, and there are numerous instances of infiltrators from the North being scared back only by the sound of warning shots. We've picked out the highlights from National Geographic's Inside North KoreaA and other sources.
Beyonce and Jay-Z have added a second concert at San Francisco’s AT&T Park this August after quickly selling out their first one. When GTA Online makes the new generation leap next week onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, that online character will have the opportunity to look much better. Give your GTA Online player a dramatic makeover thanks to the new customization options that the overhauled character creator offers.

And get ready for continuing free content Updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, including the highly-anticipated launch of Online Heists (which, to be absolutely clear, will be available for all four consoles to enjoy).
Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy. Lets face it, Lambo doors and spoiler wings on a Honda Civic are two major Red Flags that a person has TERRIBLE TASTE. This article will pertain mostly to women who are about to meet their man’s “ride” for the first time (being picked up for the first time to go on a date for example), and guys can use this as a guide of what not to do to your ride. DISCLAIMER: I’m a big car guy myself so I’ll try my hardest to not make it sound like a rant. Ladies, if you get picked up for a first date in a car that tests the decibel limits of your hearing, and it is NOT a Lambo, a Ferrari, or other exotics that are naturally loud as shit, consider giving out that first Red Flag to your new man. Please don’t be shy to throw out that Bad Taste Red Flag if the wheels (or rimz) on your man’s car are ridiculously too big for the car he is driving, not proportional, or just look stupid. NO, it does not make the car more aerodynamic, and NO there is absolutely no added downforce.
If you need a ladder to climb inside that behemoth of a truck your man is driving… Red Flag.
Advice: I know I’m going to get emails from some of you saying… “Oh my Gawd, I read your Car Red Flags article and I feel like you were talking about my main man! If you’re going to be driving around in your man’s embarrassing car, you guys should atleast make sure the windows are tinted enough so that no one can look inside and actually SEE you. Would you take your K-mart purse, stretch some fake Louis Vuitton fabric over it, and try to pass it off as an authentic LV?
Top CommentatorsThose who contribute to REDFLAG101 on a regular basis, through commenting, will be rewarded here. If you would like a copy for yourself, just email me through the Contact page and I’ll send you the Microsoft Excel budget template I built. If you’ve been living separate money lives, playing the game of “I’ll pay for cable if you pay for the gym membership and the power bill,” this can be a great chance for both partners to see everything as one equation, and more importantly, to see that it can be solved. If you are working from an old-school accordion file or some other system that leaves you with bills and receipts falling out of every pocket, chances are you are missing payment due dates and getting late charges.
That way if one gets lost in the mail or falls between the car seats, it doesn’t become a missed payment.
I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to my wife and I, I view myself as the CFO of the family business, meaning I take the active role in planning the big picture of where our money goes and making sure payments are made. Eventually you will enjoy watching your debts go down and knowing that the days of missed payments and “I thought you were paying that” are well behind you. I have two excel spreadsheets that I teach my clients to use (and that I personally use myself). It’s pretty amazing how much it helps your financial situation once you write down all of your bills and figure out how much money you have left at the end of each month.

It would be cool to be able to jump on your site and find links like that, and it would save you the email hassle. I also use a spreadsheet to keep track of my budgets, but after looking at yours it looks like I have to reshape it. Your photo illustration and your explanation pertaining to its usefulness are two unique selling points. I wish there were more people who thought about just paying down debt all willy nilly crazy-like. 5 show went on sale May 1 and as of today, all but a few expensive tickets near the stage had been sold. There’s a lot of room to do what you want, when you want and how you want, as long as it jives with the general flow of the community at large. It’s in that same note that they offer this about the customizable online characters. Create a brand new character from scratch or take your current guy or gal for a bit of cosmetic surgery in true Los Santos fashion. If your man claims that’s why he got those goofy bumpers and sideskirts that you kinda remember seeing in Fast in the Furious… Red Flag.
Does he really expect you to easily climb in there in those short miniskirts you like wearing and flash the entire parking lot? He owns a Mazdarrari on 24s, with a huge spoiler wing, a body kit, and a very loud exhaust! These images are accessible on the Internet and are assumed to be in the area of public domain.
If you can see it on your chart and notice it hasn’t been marked as paid, you can call your creditor to arrange payment before it becomes late, or pay it online. I view my wife as the CEO, the person who makes the daily spending decisions that keep us spending less than we earn and on track. Regular posts about debt freedom, intentional living, and personal finance, with some travel mixed in. So if I know I’ll get a raise next year, I can change how much I can add on a month by month basis. And extra Red Flag if your man drives a ridiculously lifted truck and is shorter than 5’8” in height.

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