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Long term care is care that is provided to you to assist in completing your regular activities of daily living by yourself. Long Term care addresses dealing with chronic illness and helps to deliver the chronic care that you  possibly would need for the remainder of your life. Anyone with an ongoing chronic illness that is not able to complete at least 2 of the daily activities would like to have long term care at this very crucial point in their life.
Nearly forty one percent of long term care is provided to individuals below age sixty five, who need help taking care of themselves as a result of diseases, disabling chronic conditions, injury, developmental disabilities or severe mental illness. Signup to Our NewsletterReceive the latest news, updates, and business improving articles right to your inbox! Information posted to this site by 3rd parties or links to 3rd party sites are not created or endorsed by AIC or its representatives. This is not an offer of securities in any jurisdiction, now is it specifically directed to a resident of any jurisdiction. In an ideal world, all businesses balance short-term profitability with long-term sustainability, however many companies find it difficult to balance these conflicting goals. For example, in times of economic recession, many companies focus on short-term profitability. Short-term profitability yields increased earnings, positive cash flows, and positive reports today, but what about the future? Often times when companies are faced with increased competition in the marketplace they either a). The triple-bottom line (people, environment, profit) is noted as the key to sustainability.
Companies are now finding that environmental sustainability can yield an increase in gross sales or revenues (or top-line results).
Alcoa, another global leader, used a gamification strategy in order to increase their product offerings (for a past post on gamifying sustainability click here). In addition, Avon, a leading global beauty company, funnels a percentage of their sales from its Pink Ribbon product line to fund women’s breast cancer research and education. These three examples deal with large corporations who have more of the financial basis to back up their sustainability initiatives, but what about the smallest business units–microbusinesses?

Microbusinesses (businesses with 5 or fewer employees) make up 88% of the current business ventures in the U.S. In a national study conducted by The Big Green Opportunity, 1,300 microbusiness owners across various industries revealed their perspectives about incorporating green strategies. The Intuit 2020 Report states, “Sustainability will become a competitive requirement for small businesses within the next ten years, moving from social novelty to business necessity.” The report highlights that sustainability initiatives are imperative due to an increase in laws and taxes governing resource use as well as a reduction in the carbon footprint. This entry was posted in Behavior Change, Carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon Footprint, Change management, corporate sustainability leadership, e-cycling, green, green behaviors, Green business, green energy, Green tips, Greenhouse gas emissions, Health, Incentives, Risk management, sustainability, Sustainability education, sustainability footprint, sustainability leaders, Sustainability leadership, sustainable behaviors, waste footprint and tagged Alcoa, Aluminate, behavior change, bottom-line, carbon footprint, corporate sustainability, ecoimagination, environment, environmental sustainability, General Electric, Intuit 2020, Jeffrey Fox, microbusiness, pink ribbon, profitability, small business, sustainability, top-line by Rani. The common cause of Long Term Care derives from chronic health problems, injuries, disabilities or just the natural aging process.
You’ll be able to receive long term care in the comfort of your home, a nursing home or another long term care treatment center, like an assisted living program. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), individuals turning age sixty five are increasingly will have a need for assistance living. Their information is deemed to be from reliable sources; however, their content cannot be guaranteed.
This focus is due to the direct perceived threat of business decline or failure as well as pressure from shareholders to release reports showcasing growth.
Through creating or expanding new product lines that incorporate sustainability, some of the world’s corporate leaders are increasing revenues and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Noticing increased competition and an opportunity to become a market leader in environmental tech, GE created a sustainable line with products such as a fluorescent light bulbs (a bulb that saves 70-80% of energy compared to ordinary light bulbs) and wire coating for cars and electronics (products made without releasing pollutants in the production process). They have both creative and economic power to change the landscape of the business realm’s sustainable practices. Of the 1,300 microbusinesses, 70% reported that others in their industry have succeeded offering green products or services.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One major benefit to long-term care additionally includes the supervision you would possibly want as a result of severe on going impairment (such as Alzheimer’s disease ).

Contrary to what many folks believe, health care and personal insurance programs does not obtain the majority of long term care services that almost all individuals need . Businesses don’t necessarily disregard long-term goals, but they view short-term goals as easier ways to increase earnings and in turn focus on them more heavily. The view shifts away from shareholders and profits to stakeholders (people and the environment). GE has already seen both an environmental impact dealing with energy savings (bottom-line results) as well as annual revenues of well over $10 billion from its ecoimagination line (top-line results). The app focuses on tracking the number of cans recycled by app users, helping consumers find local recycling centers, calculating the amount of money users earn by recycling aluminum cans, and sharing results via Facebook or email. This cause-related marketing has built the brand identity and impacted top-line results, with company revenues of over $10 billion and more than $815 million donated since the start of the program in 1992. Of those, 77% were successful in growing sales through the down economy (2008-2010). In addition, 58% agree that offering green products or services has enabled them to expand their offerings. A Representative from Mona Lisa Insurance & Financial Services will contact you to provide requested information. The app factors into Alcoa and the Aluminum Association’s overall mission to increase the rate of recycled aluminum cans in the U.S.
Of those those 58%, 84% were rewarded for their expansion in green products and services through increased sales.
Additional products and services may be available through Mitchell Corman or Mona Lisa Insurance & Financial Services that are not offered through AIC.

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