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The shipbuilding heritage of the Clyde could remain but at the loss of Fairfield, Govan as a shipbuilding yard.
That was part of the message today from Charlie Blakemore, Director of Transformation at BAE Systems which operates yards at Govan and Scotstoun.
1 – to continue to build warships at both yards which are across the river from each other, with improvements to do so costing ?100 million.
2 – transform Scotstoun yard into a  world class, covered, single site, shipbuilding centre at a cost of ?200 million. He also emphasised that with option 1,  partly built ships would have to be ferried from one yard to the other costing more and adding about one third to the time of any project. Last year BAE Systems announced it would close its shipbuilding facilities in Portsmouth to concentrate its production on the Clyde. However, Mr Blakemore pointed out that 1000 workers will still be employed in the two Clyde yards until the MoD decision is made.
Local MSP Nicola Sturgeon  welcomed BAE’s commitment to the Clyde and investment in Scotstoun, but expressed concern about the threat to Govan. Some of the Govan Show people and guest speakers at the windows dedicated to Show people in Govan Old Parish Church. At a meeting called to promote – Behind the Scenes at the Fair !  a three day family fun event at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum on 6,7 and 8 December highlighting the culture and heritage of Show people – some very serious concerns of Govan Show people surfaced. Said Sheldon Johnstone who lives with ten, related, family groups in one of only two Showmen’s yards in Govan: ‘My father was born in Govan. Jimmy Stringfellow, who has the other Showman’s yard in Govan, told the meeting of around 30 people: ‘We have no security. The meeting was held in Govan Old Parish Church which is recognised as the church for all Show families in Scotland. Six beautiful stained glass windows were installed and dedicated in the Church in 1991 to ‘show the devotion’ of the Show families.
But in the church’s meeting space near the ancient sarcophagus stones dating back to around  the 9th century, today’s art works were the intended matter of discussion. A key speaker at the meeting in the Church, was Professor Mairead Nic Craith, Chair of European Culture and Heritage at Heriot Watt University. This led to the observation that tangible cultural heritage could be recognised more easily and so World Heritage sites were protected.
She noted that the United Kingdom Government has not signed the UN Charter to protect cultural heritage which would go some way to protecting intangible elements important to Show people. Alex James Colquhoun, Chairman of the Showmen’s Guild, Scottish Section, outlined the difficulties the Guild has encountered in having the work and heritage of its members recognised.
One of the reasons the UK government has not signed the UN Charter is because heritage is used as a political football, suggested Dr Alan Leslie, of Northlight Heritage, a Glasgow based archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research.

In Europe a similar ancient Fair was revitalised through the UN Charter and the European approach because it received status, out of which came sponsorship. Many Glasgow agencies, working to respect the planet, found much in common today thanks to Maryhill Climate Challenge.
Among the others mixing and finding useful connections were Spruce Carpets which trains people to clean quality carpets they’ve been given before they sell them on. GalGael crafted the beautiful wooden handle for the Queen's silver baton which is currently being handed round the world.
GalGael, the Govan based group which enables people’s skills to emerge through learning to build things in wood, particularly, was also at the event with some of their unique products.
From Crieff, mosaic Artist Katy Galbraith had a full stall of fascinating items from ornaments to mirrors all embellished with beautiful, colourful mosaic designs.
Starter Packs Glasgow gives packs of household goods such as dishes, cutlery and bedding, to people who’ve been homeless and are setting up in a new place. Shettleston is now being targeted by 12 people who have a notion to change the area by becoming a Councillor in Glasgow City Council. A person from any other party or campaigning group would be somewhere on the very fringes of activities with almost no chance to influence decisions. As this website did when there was a by-election recently in Govan, we have invited each of the candidates to give us 150 words telling what they’d do FIRST, if elected. In Govan there was only a 20% turn-out of voters – 10% less than the previous election. I am angry that the Labour Administration has cut its funding to day centres and carers’ groups while wasting money on other things. The May 2013 General Elections held today at different polling centers nationwide will declare 80 Provincial Governors, 766 members of Sangguniang Panlalawigan, 143 City Mayors, 143 Vice Mayors.
There will be 1,598 members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, 1,491 Municipal Mayors, 11,932 members of Sangguniang Bayan, 1 ARMM Regional Governor, 1 ARMM Regional Vice Governor and 24 Regional Assemblymen. Caloocan, Las Pinas, Makati City, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa City, Navotas, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Pateros, Quezon City, San Juan, Taguig, Valenzuela. Apart from the loss of more than 800 jobs in Portsmouth and its heritage of hundreds of years of shipbuilding, there will be the loss of around 800 jobs in Glasgow’s BAE yards as current work is signed off. Show families who have lived in the area for generations fear they are being pushed out to make way for developers despite legislation which should enable them to buy their land. I’ve been served with eight eviction notices and have had 50 visits from the police in the past three months.
Beall, Artist in Residence at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum promoted the culmination of months of research done in conjunction with Scotland’s Show families. She explained the differences in language between heritage in old Irish Gaelic – from the soil, the roots, values, traditions, principles, sense of values and the new Gaelic form – legal rights, what one is entitled to.

The Scottish Government was in favour of signing it but cultural heritage is not a devolved issue so it cannot do so. She is one of the people behind a gathering momentum in culturally sensitive and place-based regeneration.
The Challenge had organised a Community re-use day in the Community Central Halls in Maryhill Road near St George’s Cross.
It reflects poorly on voters but spells a powerful message to the elected representatives that people are totally disillusioned with what is being done in their name. Instead, the Labour-run council have made ?200 million of cuts, closing day centres, increasing care charges and are now threatening 1,000 mainly female, low paid workers in our schools with the sack.
They have left council taxpayers with a bill for ?100,000 after scrapping the competition to re-vamp George Square and they paid a golden goodbye of ?600,000 to a Director of Social Work who retired at 54 after less than six years in office.
Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability.
Show people bring shows to fairs and events around the country and have been doing so for hundreds of years. The CID has visited me 18 times, and the Council’s case against me was thrown out of court. While music might be intangible, it would have the tangible element of the instruments used to make the music.  Social practices, festivals, fairs and events were intangible and craftsmanship such as that used to make Arbroath smokies would also be intangible.
At a meeting in Brussels sit was made clear we can’t be a part of European cultural heritage schemes or protection because the UK has not signed up to it. So the people in power are there because of the few who took that responsibility seriously. Voters mark 1 against the candidate who is their first choice, 2 against the name of the candidate of their second choice and so on.
It has significant borrowing powers and can also use reserves to allow it to set a No Cuts budget, while building a mass campaign to win back the tens of millions stolen from Glasgow by the Tory-led government in the last few years. The SNP have pushed through college reforms which have slashed the number of part-time places in Glasgow. Should the winner be SNP which is the chief opposition group in the City Chambers, they could put  forward as many proposals as they wished. They’re the experts and this three day event will help spread that knowledge as people can ask any of the experts about the fairground equipment.

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