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About UsThe BUILD Blog is a discussion of modern design in the Pacific NW written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle, Washington.
Despite the growing popularity of rainscreen systems, we find that most people don’t know much about them and don’t understand why they are important to architecture.
The residence uses the Swiss Pearl system and is designed with the precision of a cabinet at the exterior.  The panel system continues inside to certain areas of the interior.
The residence has just been wrapped with the membrane and will soon be receiving a skin of Cembonit rainscreen. It’s taken us several years and many jobs to gather the resources and knowledge about these rainscreen systems.
The manufacturing cost would be similar to conventional vents and even though my prototype was made of plastic the product can be manufactured of any material including metals.
Do you have recommendations for siding contractors that are experienced in rainscreen applications and materials? Thanks for your response but again my query pertains to the issue with bees nesting in the cavity? That’s the stuff that keeps readers of the architectural persuasion coming back to your site.
As far as trim products increasing the life span of the membrane -it really depends on the trim kit.
Will it lose some of the color due to uv exposure and how does it handle water after being exposed to it over a longer period.
Although I wouldn’t recommend it for a residential application, rigid PVC is a great alternative for sheds, carports, and garages.
Our architects state that they have generally used metal purlin or hat channel in our applications for longevity, but mentioned other composite materials made for the application. Kelly Tire 1930 - Kelly Tire Ad - Of course you want tires that will give you mileage, but you also.
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We have developed a number of business development training modules and have worked with and equipped clients in multiple industries with the tools to navigate and create their business growth paths. Many business owners view the topic of strategy as being a difficult and remote subject, one that is the purview of big ticket consulting firms like McKinsey.
Together, both volumes of The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha present literature that shows the ongoing development of Judaism and the roots from which the Christian religion took its beliefs. Like most innovative building systems it was the Europeans that first introduced the concept. Vertical Runners: Trex is a great product for this application because it doesn’t move axially and it doesn’t rot. Membrane: This membrane is basically like Gore-tex for your house – it keeps the water out but lets air through (it lets your house breathe).

Sheathing: You can either use ?” plywood and install flat blocking at all of the panel joints or use ?” plywood behind all panels – we recommend the ?” as it is MUCH less work. The panels develop a layer of rust which continues to weather over time but protects the inner layers of the panel. So why do we take the time & effort to post this info online for anyone to use and distribute for free?
Is there any benefit to moving the vapor barrier inside so that the block and brick can dry to the outside? Briefly, I designed a panel or screen that allows air to flow free (potentially with up-to 50% net venting area) and completely stops rain or splashed water. However, wouldn’t there have to be expansion gaps (reveals) and, if so, wouldn’t the reveals put UV on the rigid insul and permit insects to infest?
In situations with similar concerns, we’ve installed mesh strips behind the panels to prevent insects.
Omit the vertical runners and look into rainscreen drainage mats to keep the assembly as thin as possible and reduce the distance the rainscreen is cantilevering.
These barriers break down over time from excessive UV rays and the number of vertical breaks resulting in the system you describe may speed up the weathering of the membrane. The less natural light on the membrane, the longer the membrane will last, but the trim kit shouldn’t compromise the airflow either.
They have lightened up due to the uv exposure but we anticipated this and it doesn’t look bad.
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There are many different brands, we like VaproShield because of the products function, durability and that they just started making it in black so that the membrane disappears in the shadows. Because the battle against ugly, senseless architecture is a tough one and we need all the help we can get.
It is much more effective than currently commercialized vents and other rain screens used in buildings or automotive industry.
If this is a concern of yours, we’d recommend installing mesh strips behind the panels and in front of the runners at each of the panel breaks. I am planning to tear the nasty vinyl siding off my house and redo the exterior with Ipe and hardie panels.

Also, do I flash over the planks at the parapet or do I only flash over the block and membrane leaving an air gap? There hasn’t been any water damage but we replaced a panel due to cracking a few years back (likely caused by expansion and contraction).
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to A FontLife Publication, LLC with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. In the last decade we’ve noticed a growing interest and use of raincreens on buildings and houses here in the northwest.
Products that we’ve had success with so far are Cembonit by CBF, Hardie-Panel, Swiss Pearl, Fincolorply, and Cor-ten steel.
It’s also possible to flush mount flat head screws if the panels are properly pre-drilled, and if you have a lot of free-time. Cedar or pressure treated lumber can also be used, be cautious of the expansion and contraction of these products.
I live in a very cold climate, if I was to add a 1″ layer of rigid foam, where would it fall in the rain screen system? This same technique works on most web pages and can be used anywhere to search the page you are on.
The concept of a rainscreen is to create an air gap between the siding material and the water-proof surface. It’s very important to line the fasteners up on a grid as the fastener pattern becomes part of the finished look of the rainscreen system.
Current building codes require structures to be sealed up so tightly that it’s causing unforeseen problems. More traditional siding systems often trap moisture between the various layers of materials. Differences in air pressure between the outside and inside of a building can actually drive air and, more dangerously, water into the building. The rainscreen system uses a water proof membrane to keep the water out, but it allows a bit of air movement – it’s like a Gore-tex wrap for your building or house. This membrane is a softer, more delicate material, it’s also sensitive to sunlight; UV rays will eventually break down the product if directly exposed. The siding, or skin of the building, is required for protection from physical harm like soccer balls and also to shield the membrane from sunlight. If detailed and constructed correctly the system allows the building to breathe, allows the inside and outside air pressure to balance better and allows a tremendous variety of materials to be used as the skin.
It is a more expensive system and requires more time and care for the installation but a well made rainscreen is hot, modern and functional.

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