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So for one of our customers, we wanted to start there, in the checkout process.  And one of the first places we looked, was on the page offering the temptation of the tantalizing Coupon Code. One of the largest online retailers in the world, Office Depot, has has many as three different prompts for discount codes in their checkout process. A study a few years back by ComScore found that 27% of online shoppers had abandoned shopping carts because they wanted to look for a coupon.

In our implementation, the available codes are listed in a lightbox, so the user truly never leaves the page. Further, like most of our clients, this client has consistently seen a distinct correlation of the use of coupon codes to improved revenues and profitability of the web site.  So this improvement has been classified a strong victory. First time I hear about this issue, people abandoning shopping carts because they wanted to look for a coupon.

Hi Paul, many of our customers do quite well because of coupon codes, and the implementation I documented in this post starts to show how much can be lost due to coupon code hunting!

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