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Not a lot of funny things happened during the financial crisis a€” in fact it's safe to say that nothing about it was funny. Five years ago, as hundreds of men and women that worked at Lehman Brothers packed their things and left their broken firm, two men nailed the video bomb of financial news history. It's unclear whether or not CNN's Allan Chernoff realized that two guys were pretending to furiously make out as he reported, but in our opinion America probably needed that cameraman to linger a bit. When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took a college kida€™s dream of finding popularity and turned it into a business idea that is now king of all social media outlets a€“ he became a billionaire.A A  Not without stepping on a few friends, as the story shows how getting to the top can cause a lot of greed and bring a lot of court cases. Starring Josh Harnett portraying one of two brothers who are doing everything they can to save their a€?dot coma€? company from going under right after the September 11th terrorists attacks.A  This is another tale of how conflicts in the world can easily turn big money into no money. Back in his school days, Ed was a once a huge drama class buff; but usually found his way behind the scenes more often than the other. A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers By Lawrence G. Didn’t they know what everyone really wanted to see that day was Nikita and Megan Fox on camera.

When the trading bell sounded on the New York Stock Exchange at four o'clock in the afternoon, a lot of equity guys packed up because there was nothing more for them to do.
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Most days the traders had normal-looking balance sheets, not too drastic one way or the other.
I think of them as battle-hardened, iron-souled regulars, guys like Larry and Alex Kirk, Mike Gelband, Peter Schellbach, Richard Gatward, and Christine Daley.
He sent an e-mail that said, "We have huge brand at Treasury" a€” meaning that Lehman had a lot of respect there.
When I mentioned this possibility to Larry McCarthy, I recall him laughing, a touch sardonically, which was not all that unusual for him. But slowly in the coming weeks I learned about several unorthodox aspects of Fuld's character. He just thinks everyone's out to get him." Which was, in case you hadn't noticed, vintage McCarthy.

And this was a fear based upon reputation, because through the years Fuld had fired many, many people, for a thousand different reasons. Popular local intelligence, however, suggested that the most prevalent way of incurring his rank displeasure was to be so clever that you threatened his power base. There were mind-blowing tales of the Fuld temper, secondhand accounts of his rages, threats, and vengeance. There was something of the night about this guy, and it all dated back to the early part of the 1980s, when he and his chief cohort had not quite covered themselves in glory.
In fact, he had been instrumental in one of the biggest screw-ups in Lehman's long history, and not surprisingly, there was a touch of Prince Machiavelli about the whole episode.
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