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Why don’t we talk about the impending emptiness that we fear if we leave our comfort, our security, our vice?
Why don’t we talk about how many of us would rather settle for mediocre relationships that don’t meet us at the level of our needs, because that beats the potential of being alone? But I am beyond grateful for the friend who said to me, “Hannah, I don’t need to say ‘You’ll find it again’, because it’s not promised and maybe you won’t. No, you may never experience the level of beauty and health in a relationship that you did with your boyfriend who lived in England.
If pain is our greatest motivator for change—and if pain motivates us to grow more than any other external or internal process—why is it that we find such difficulty in facing it? As our basic text calls it, a constant state of being irritable, restless and discontented.
I recently had a phone conversation with my father who was voicing his concern for me, his youngest daughter, who has been openly talking about and writing about her deepest and most vulnerable pain. I explained to him that my baseline behavior is to seek anything and everything outside of myself to fill this gaping hole in my soul. He was dumbfounded.
I have read piece after piece on elephant journal about the merit of siting with self and leaning into the sometimes paralyzing discomfort of single life. A friend of mine told me that her therapist recommended she take six months to “work on herself” and actively not date anyone. An intense panic made its way into my psyche, brought on by merely flirting with the idea of abstaining from men.
Did I really just admit complete defeat and powerlessness over codependency the way I did with alcohol?
I tried to reconnect with an ex from high school (I still have hope for that one, actually). In the 12-step program we are encouraged to write a list of “ideals” that we have in mind for our partner. So maybe I need to work on being emotionally available, communicative and my ability to be vulnerable and trusting?
Maybe I should stop focusing all my energy on trying to manufacture a relationship with someone to fit this cookie cutter mold and instead focus all of that energy inward. Hannah Rose is an addictions counselor, an aspiring yogini, and a lover of all things caffeinated. Empower Others to Get All A's & Share!2900000Acceptance means to be in the embrace of what is without resistance. True acceptance is not just saying, “I accept” that when emotionally there is disappointment, resistance, or emotion going on underneath the surface of trying to be in acceptance. If you’re experiencing an emotional charge – like anger, or frustration, sadness, or any other emotion based on an experience in the world, you’re in a judgment of something. All events outside of you that make you feel charged are connected with your personal judgments. It could be personal or impersonal to your direct experience, but the reason something is difficult to accept is because it touches you somewhere within emotionally. The greatest difficulty with acceptance is realizing that you are not accepting an event itself, but a part of yourself, a judgment within you. There may be situations that contains too big of an emotional charge, or too much of a heavy story for you to accept right now. Just know that holding onto judgments can cause you to recoil from intimacy, openness, vulnerability, and experiencing more love in your life. Have you come across a situation in your own life, or one you’ve witnessed in the world that you find unacceptable? Recently in a conversation, a friend shared with me how he didn’t want to leave his relationship because he cared for his girlfriend, but felt that the relationship wasn’t right for him anymore. The first key to acceptance is to see the truth behind a judgment: if a world tragedy like Sept 11 makes you feel sad, look at that sadness. It’s not am event itself that is difficult to accept, it’s the feelings underneath an event that are difficult to feel. Any event that causes a discomfort (or a positive high) is a judgment, but it’s not the event itself that is charged, it’s your reaction to it that is.
When I realized that all the events in my life that triggered emotions were there for me to free myself from this old pain within, I began to open my heart to pain.
What I discovered is that it wasn’t about the little events that triggered that same feeling that I experienced when I was little, it was how I was unconsciously reacting to events that made me feel that same pain.
True acceptance is about opening up to your emotions and diving into them rather than protecting yourself from them. Acceptance requires a trust that life loves you more than sometimes you’re able to experience, even when you’re not at first in love with what it’s giving to you. The ultimate truth is that you’re not your judgments, and you’re not the part of you that judges the judgment.
The way to know how to do anything is simply to take the first step: Decide that you want to.

Next time you have a situation you feel is unacceptable, or you’re emotionally reactive, bring this process and use it. Please comment below on situations you feel you can’t accept no matter what – situations you have accepted that you thought you might never be able to accept.
Identity Magazine is all about empowering women to get all A’s in the game of life – Accept. I appreciate that no matter what challenges I’ve faced, I’ve decided to take the road less traveled and appreciate everything that has ever happened in my life because every event has brought me to exploring the aliveness of life itself. When I first left my corporate job, it was my most rewarding achievement because I was so afraid of leaving the security I believed it gave me (at the time) and so taking that leap led me to a path of becoming an entrepreneur and following my heart wherever it may lead. I don’t believe in a “not-so-perfect-way” because everything can be turned into a life lesson.
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I told him about what I’m doing right now: actively not dating and instead seeking inward (through therapy, the 12 steps and incredible connections with females and some choice men who are insightful as f***). It tricks us into believing that we are not whole without our significant other—or any significant other. Similarly to the way I felt about the 12-step program when I first stumbled my way into it, I thought, “Maybe you can do that.
The last relationship I was in was incredibly healthy, filled with a beauty that overflowed my heart past the brim. I immediately jumped into a relationship (if you can call it that) with a man who identified himself as emotionally unavailable to me before we even began to engage. Ever still trying to avoid the impending weight of my actual break up, I manufactured a relationship with a close male friend who I knew, in theory, I had absolutely nothing in common with.
It was pointed out to me that maybe it was my gut (my intuition, my higher power, my subconscious) telling me that I was engaging in something that some part of me knew was inherently not going to work.
For years I have been crafting my ideals list, looking at potential suitors and identifying all the ways that they don’t match up. She is maneuvering the single world with a lack of grace that qualifies her as part of the human experience.
My journey with codependency led me through therapy and 12 steps and brain science, developing me the LPC and dance therapist.
True acceptance is one of the most powerful and life-changing practices you can choose for your life journey.
True acceptance is one of the most powerful and life-changing practices you can choose for your life journey to manifest a life of your dreams. True acceptance is not necessarily about accepting an event outside of you, true acceptance is found in feeling how an event makes you feel. An emotional reaction to something outside of you is a reflection of a deep emotion, or judgment, living within you. There is a tenderness, fear, or an anger that ignites in the wake of an experience outside of you.
It may be a part of the world or yourself that you don’t want to believe is true or even exists within the human race.
But even in the awareness of that, you are closer to acceptance than resisting considering it as a possibility at all. It could be as small as the way your mother speaks to you, the way someone eats with their mouth open, or something as significant as a relationships ending or world catastrophe. Small events in my life since then have had the power to trigger that event in my life, something as simple as someone not picking me up from the airport on time, or not calling me back.
In truth, all events in life are neutral, but if you have judgment it will be positively or negatively charged. My heart led me to feeling that bitter disappointment that I felt as a little girl, and it also led me to express that pain to my father. By expressing and feeling those emotions, I began to free myself from it through releasing them.
Anything that made me feel sensitive, or closed off became a tool for how I could free myself from a deeper emotion in my life. When you don’t fear experiencing anything, you can experience freedom from your circumstances.
When your heart meets with a feeling of desire, and you say yes to that feeling, that’s called an intention. The emotional reaction is the judgment, and in truth, it’s not connected with the experience itself.
And if you felt the wisdom and truth of this posting, share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, or by email.

Little by little I’ve learned to see my self through the eyes of love and find the perfection of life by embracing my humanity. However, I sometimes do the opposite of what may be perceived to be “the right thing to do” that I have a judgment for.
I actually like cleaning, and I have been known to sometimes watch certain movies over 15 times (possibly upwards of 30). She works closely with her mentor Amir Zoghi in sharing the keys to living unimaginable possibilities through Intuition. That relationship taught me that I could be present in a relationship, that I could experience real intimacy, that I could let my guard down and step into the great unknown of vulnerability. She adores all things vulnerable, especially Brene Brown, and would really like to adopt a hairless cat.
Much of what you talk about led to my co-creation of Naked Online: A DoZen Ways to Grow from Internet Dating.
When you feel and experience the world through the eyes of love, do you not feel more alive? Being annoyed with the way your mother speaks to you will not allow you to feel as much love for her.
It is your experiences, emotions, judgments and perception that create whether you experience an event as positive, negative or neutral. If talking about rape caused me to feel unsafe, I’d feel the unsafeness of it and ask myself, what’s this really about? It’s the part of you that came into this world to express joy through infinite means and ways. There is nothing that anyone can take away from you when you’re willing to experience anything that life is throwing at you, even if it means going into pain. Achieve.™ Every contributor and expert answer the Identity 5 questions in keeping with our theme. I’ve accepting that everything I’ve experienced in my life has supported me to expand into my truth. A friend and I joked how it could sound arrogant, but we love our humor so much that if you don’t think we’re funny, you need to work on your humor! But when we stop ourselves and attempt to stop the cycle—stop the reactivity, the impulsiveness, the constant and relentless need for more of something—what happens then? Finding acceptance is also what creates space for you to be able to connect with what you’d love.
I became aware of all the other feelings that circumstance created to bring awareness to my current limitations and discomforts. If I have judgment for licking my fingers as the dinner table, or something that isn’t the “spiritual” thing to do, I transform my own judgment by going into the behavior that’s “wrong” consciously to overcome it. True acceptance transforms suffering into ease, pain to love, and dissatisfaction to fulfillment. Everything else is a lie—emotions, drama, thoughts, limitations, doubt, uncertainty, indecision, fear—they may be a part of your journey, but you can be free of them by embracing them and living beyond the need of your circumstances to give you the happiness that is already within you.
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