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The Keurig K350 Coffeemaker is a smart brewer that can use both K-Cups and K-Carafe packs, satisfying your need for a little or a lot of coffee. Variety K-Cup packs include: Green Mountain French Roast, Green Mountain French Vanilla, Green Mountain breakfast blend and Donut Shop regular. Variety K-Carafe packs include: Donut Shop Regular Extra-Bold, Green Mountain Hazelnut, Green Mountain Nantucket Blend, Barista Prima Italian Roast, Starbucks Pike Place Roast, and Celestial Seasons English Breakfast Tea.
Try to catch a falling snowflake, cuddle by the fire, wrap up warmly in a cable-knit sweater and indulge in this wintery flavoured coffee.

Whichever of us tries it first needs to let the other know if it’s as good as it sounds. If you only need a single cup, it uses the traditional single-serving K-Cups that made Keurig famous. The set comes complete with variety packs for both K-Cups and K-Carafe packs, a filter cartridge, a replacement filter, a carafe and, of course the Keurig K350 brewer.
The K350 gives you Keurig convenience with the option to brew a whole carafe when "just one cup" is not enough.

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