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Dating in the 21st century is a minefield of people who are unavailable, emotionally detached, a little too attached, or even people who seem great until you find out how different your visions of the future are. Love is not formed on a computer screen or through text messages – love is found when two people meet face-to-face and form a unique connection.
This entry was posted in Dating, Los Angeles Dating and tagged celebrity dating, elite dating, LA matchmaker, LA matchmaking, LA matchmaking services, Los Angeles matchmaker, Los Angeles matchmaking, Los Angeles matchmaking services, millionaire dating, millionaire matchmaker, upscale dating. The 10-second summary of the article is that while there may be some people that have a natural predisposition to either embrace or reject temptation, men and women can also train themselves to protect their relationships and raise their feelings of commitment. Here are some of my favorite points from the long series of research studies the article cited.
We come to Europe a couple of times a year, mostly to support a handful of high profile searches and to conduct interviews. Now, it’s time for me to grab some sleep.  Virgin Upper Class was very relaxing, but the eight time zone shift is a lot and tomorrow Mom and I have clients, clients, clients!! I don’t know if you voted for Reagan, Clinton, Perot or Larouche, but in this moment I urge you to “keep your eye on the prize”.
Now I am not saying to give up your own opinions and lay down the discussion (I have an entire radio show about the importance of masculinity vs. When you’ve got billion dollar industries hanging on to your every word, a few thousand employees on your payroll, countless meetings across the globe and the whole world’s media questioning everything you do, it can be hard to juggle your work life and your love life.
The largest matchmaking company in the country offers services with prices starting at $15,000. Founded in 2003 by Amy Andersen, Linx focuses on San Francisco and the Silicon Valley and aims to connect the beautiful and confident women of SF to the tech savvy men of SV.
When a business has “Serious Matchmaking” in its name, you know there’s not going to be any fooling around. Headquartered in London, this matchmaking service accepts only the most eligible singles as clients and have offices in locations including Paris, Monaco, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York. It’s easy to get discouraged after dating a sea of people who are simply wrong for you, but there is still hope! People who join matchmaking services are busy with professional careers and other personal obligations.

Celebrity dating and high-profile matches are the trickiest to arrange, but these are also the relationships in which Kelleher Los Angeles specializes. Our professional matchmakers interview potential clients over the phone and then again in person. Our professional matchmakers are skilled in screening people to locate compatible matches for each and every one of our clients. Linx works only with college graduate, non-smokers and their vetting process is pretty thorough, so it’s not enough to be good only on paper. Run by Janis Spindel and her daughter Carly, this matchmaking service is for marriage minded men who are ready to settle down. Even in the information age, Gray and Farrar have managed to keep their business discreet and they rely on personal invitations or referrals to gain new clients. Launched in 2014, this “millionaire dating app” lets you view profiles of eligible and successful singles and connect with them if they meet your exacting standards.
Los Angeles matchmaking services eliminate the undesirables and get clients directly to the dates with real potential. Your matchmaker will interview you to find out where you are in life and what kind of match you’re looking for. They are capable of locating dates, but why waste the time when quality dates can be arranged through Los Angeles matchmaking services with a reputation for success and satisfaction among clients?
Each client’s personal data is kept in a secure database which is encrypted to prevent hacking. Interviews will include discussions of past relationships as well as what went well (and what didn’t) to help paint a better picture of your dating preferences.
People who seek a professional matchmaking service are typically more serious about finding long-term relationships and marriage. Complete our contact form to begin the matchmaking process and speak with a matchmaker today. For $2,500 you can get a number of dates over two years, if that’s too basic try the $50,000 VIP package that will include wardrobe shopping and etiquette lessons. Prices range from $50,000 for Basic services to $100,000 for Preferred and a whopping $250,000 for VIP Elite services.

Though it doesn’t have the personal touch offered by other services on this list, it promises to be the go-to app for young, rich and fabulous singles looking for love.
Dates are screened carefully to make sure your dating experience is discrete and enjoyable. Once dates are arranged, your personal matchmaker will touch base again to discuss each meeting and first impressions. Los Angeles matchmakers have run background checks on potential matches and interviewed them for compatibility.
All they have to do is get in touch with one of these high end matchmakers that promise to find you that special someone.
The fun really starts when you fork out $150,000 a year and get upgraded to the “CEO Club.” This upgrade allows you to be matched with potential partners from outside of the USA as well as allows personal consultation with founder Jill Kelleher-Andrews and her daughter Amber. These love gurus may charge a high price but they promise to search the country for the woman of your dreams and their success rate speaks for itself.
Clients can get more bespoke services as well, but these are only disclosed when a potential client ends in an application. Luxy claims to have a member list that includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, millionaires, beauty queens, fitness models and even Hollywood celebrities. Dating strategies can be devised to prevent committing to the wrong one too quickly – or to keep you from holding back too long with the right one! But these deluxe services are not for everyone, the ultra-exclusive services are only for people ready to shell out big bucks to find the perfect partner. You will feel secure knowing you can always reach out to a Kelleher Los Angeles matchmaker for guidance. Each profile will have information like their favorite brands, their location, their name, age, and gender and perhaps most importantly: their income. In fact, the profiles of users who have confirmed their income will be tagged with a “verified” box.

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