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This poem is about true love- a long and lasting kind of love that has so much beauty and passion. This love poem speaks in volume about the importance of trust in his relationship with her. Birthday Poems for Uncle: Consider yourself lucky if you have an uncle who pampers you silly. A short yet punchy poem about the vulnerability in humans – the capacity to lie even to the one you love the most.

It’s not unusual to see an uncle doubling up as a protective elder brother, best friend, caring father or a mentor.
There are many poems, picture, quotations and songs that mention and express the feelings of love.
If your uncle means all this to you, make his birthday special by returning the love and affection that he’s showered on you all these years.
Remind him of all the good times you’ve had together by posting a few old photos on Facebook with cute captions and messages.

Show him how much you cherish your relationship by sending him a gift with a beautiful greeting card or a cute handwritten note.
Give him every reason to believe that you were and will always be his favorite niece or nephew.

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