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The Celts of Ireland [ 33 ] The Celts arrived in Ireland by 350 B.C (some say earlier) and they thrive there to this day. Of all the great ancient cultures perhaps no two share more parallels than those of the Celtic and Vedic peoples.
The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed several details regarding the development of Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth.
After weeks of intense debate, the Democratic Party of Japan and Ishin no To (Japan Innovation Party) are finally on the verge of sorting out the first daunting challenge of their scheduled merger later this month: what to name their new party?
In picking a name for their new restaurant, Shin and his wife, Haenim “Sunny” Moon, said they chose oyazi, a Japanese word for a familiar older man akin to pops or uncle in English.
The Pokemon Company will publish Pokemon Co-Master, a figurine-powered board game for smartphones in Japan this Spring, the company announced Thursday. For Japanese parents, the meaning of kanji characters used for a child’s name are just as important as how it sounds.
It’s pretty common to see Westerners misuse Chinese characters, especially with their usage regarding tattoos, with scores of websites dedicated to pointing out hugely inappropriate words inked into people’s skin.

So when one couple recently decided to call their child Mizuko, neither parent had any idea that they were on the verge of committing a terrible faux pas. This city employee saved the parents, and their daughter, from an extremely embarrassing situation. When the news hit the Twitterverse, though, many users commented that this was the first time they had heard the meaning of these kanji together. Prospective parents can look up the meaning of words in a dictionary or they can ask older generations of the meaning. Enter your email address to follow RocketNews24 and receive notifications of new posts by email. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Japanese Name.
A claim might be made that the Celtic Irish are among the world's oldest nationality groups. New parents often look for a name that they hope will embody the spirit of their child or be something that their son or daughter can wear with pride throughout their life, but even the most heartfelt monicker can prove awkward when taken out of context, and can be more funny than beautiful when heard by speakers of other languages.

Recently, however, one young couple had the name they chose for their new baby daughter rejected when they attempted to register it at their local town hall.
Fortunately for the parents, however, a government employee spotted the name on their registration forms before they were officially submitted and pointed out its altogether different, entirely inappropriate meaning. And while the word isn’t used as often today, it is still interesting that some people in the younger generations don’t know the meaning of the kanji, nor to avoid using it as a name for their beloved offspring. It seems like this was a case of kanji falling in and out of use, and not a case of neglectful parents or a lack of education.
It was probably a good thing, though, since the characters they had chosen had an altogether different, rather unpleasant, meaning that the couple were completely unaware of. So before you end up naming your child “Dick Cannon” (honestly, a real person’s name), make sure you ask your parents, superiors or friends about different meanings of names.

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