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UPDATE: per a comment, the possibility has been raised that, even though this phone is unsubsidized and unconnected to any carrier, the settings may still cause problems with tethering on MVNOs. You can take this to any Japanese mobile carrier and theoretically use it, but KDDI doesn't sell just SIM cards for unlocked phones, Softbank won't sell LTE SIM cards, and emobile doesn't have nano SIMs (so you'll need to chop down the SIM card). I turned out to be wrong that the docomo iPhone was locked out of MVNOs, but it cannot be used to tether with an MVNO (because the utility for creating the Carrier Profile won't allow an APN to be set for tethering).
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Apple’s shares hit a record intra-day high of $705 on September 21, when the iPhone 5 went on sale. APApple is set to release iPhone 6, its latest update to the iPhone juggernaut, in the fall.
And if that is the case, can a mobile device that serves such a small minority of the planet stay relevant in the years to come? IDCIn IDC's forecast for 2018, note that Android actually loses market share and sinks to 77.6% of the market.
IDCNote that the average Android price is heading toward $200 and the average iPhone price is heading toward $600. But the history of computing has one iron-cast lesson for us all: Devices get cheaper over time, and better over time. Is Apple boxed in as a brand and a platform that merely serves the richest 15% of the world, while everyone else uses Android?

Supposing you saw the opportunity in the iPhone 5c to change out the back of the smartphone for a custom cover, you'll be glad to know that Japan's customization shops are now in full swing. Both the silver version and the gold version of the iPhone 5c will be available for around $200 - that's not including the smartphone itself, but the casing on its own.
As for the Gold and Silver iPhone 5c: they're customized, not real, and they'll never be made by Apple lest pigs fly. The XML preference file defining an APN has an option to set whether it allows tethering, and it could be possible that there is no way (without hacking the phone) to allow tethering with an MVNO.
NTT Docomo will sell you a SIM card for this no problem, but you won't be able to get a docomo email address because sp mode can't be used with phones not sold from docomo.
The technology giant admitted a month later that demand for the iPhone 5 was still outstripping supply but the Apple was trying to make up ground.
While iPhone 6 sales are expected to be huge for various reasons, there is a broader question facing Apple: Is it boxed in as a brand and a platform that merely serves the richest 15% of the world, while everyone else uses Android? To put it in its bluntest terms, what is the point of launching the new Candy Crush Saga on a platform that hardly anyone a€” in a global sense a€” uses?
In Q4 2013, according to research firm IDC, Google's Android mobile operating system had a 78% share of all users globally.
But that occurs after Android adds about 404 million phones, while Apple adds only 63 million a€” and its share sinks to 13.7%. While the images before you may seem to be bringing on the next Gold and Silver generation of the iPhone 5c, what you're actually seeing are a set of custom-fitted jobs from a shop that makes it its business to bring the brightest and the oddest in iPhone covers to the planet.

You'll be able to send your device in to be customized with Keitai Paradise if you wish, but if you're actually planning on working with some hardware such as this, we'd recommend ordering in. Such is the nature of the customization universe for Apple smartphones, and so too can you count on a Gold version of every popular smartphone to appear immediately if not soon due to the immense popularity of the gold-colored iPhone 5s. The quality of Android phones is getting better and better, IDC says, and that offers a long-term challenge to Apple. Apple doesn't gain share a€” it merely loses it to Microsoft's Windows, a humbling irony, at least in the IDC scenario. For a long time, that was because Apple's strategy in the East a€” low distribution and high pricing a€” was feeble. And Apple's business model is to only do the most profitable thing, not the most widespread thing. If you don't know how to crack your own iPhone 5c open for customization without damaging it, we'd also recommend skipping the whole process. It's the same situation a€” Android growing faster a€” in mobile ads, according to Opera Mediaworks.

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