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I just wanted to hear one good line, but like Bauer’s second child, it never made delivery. Monkey with a gun: This just hinted to the fact that Grav was going to be in a battle, as using this image to hint to upcoming battles has become a running joke in his series. Mcdamon23: Jason Bourne is portrayed by Matt Damon in the films, and "Damon" is in Mcdamon23's username. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! Who wins? Bob Lee Swagger (Shooter) VS Vassily Zaitsev (Enemy at the Gates) **For this one, lets assume both guys have the exact same loadout. Originally Posted By Sique: I would choose the guy from "Saving Private Ryan" over both of them.
Probably have to go with Swagger, because modern sniping includes instruction on lots of things that Zaitsev would have never heard of. JoinedJul 2011 Posts25,272 Thanks13044 FromEtobicoke, ON Originally Posted by Rorschach Superman Vs the HULK?????
JoinedAug 2012 Posts39,909 Thanks14511 Fromamerica Originally Posted by The Man All Hulk would have to do, is dig up some Kryptonite The problem is, that when in HULK form, he may not have the patience to dig it up! JoinedJun 2010 Posts18,760 Thanks8232 FromSouth Florida Originally Posted by Rorschach Superman Vs the HULK????? JoinedApr 2011 Posts37,963 Thanks10407 FromUnder your skin Originally Posted by Rorschach Superman Vs the HULK?????
MELISSA ANDERSON OF “LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE” VISITS WITH CHARLIE THIS WEEK! A Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman says the bench warrant issued for Lohan has been recalled. The actress failed to appear at her mandatory court hearing Thursday, resulting in the warrant.

BRET MICHAELS BACK IN THE HOSPITAL AFTER SUFFERING A “WARNING STROKE” THIS WEEK! Michaels, who taped his interview with Oprah Winfrey before this setback, is still expected to recover, but his participation in this Sunday’s finale of Celebrity Apprentice is in doubt, as is his planned return to the concert circuit on May 28. Zabramski say the stroke and heart condition do not appear to be related to Michaels’ brain hemorrhage. The 47-year-old singer, who is also diabetic, has been recovering at an Arizona ranch, with his family by his side. It certainly seemed to do the trick, with an assist from the team of world-class neurologists at Phoenix’s prestigious Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Michaels also chatted to Winfrey about how the harrowing experience, which he will continue to recover from for months to come, put his life into stark perspective.
And about the big man upstairs, Michaels said he started a lot of conversations with him, but isn’t exactly sure whether the chat was one-sided or not. But with help from his doctors, family—particularly his two daughters—and friends, he pulled through. Some of his Celebrity Apprentice family, including Donald Trump, Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson-Peete, even sent special messages into the show. But while Michaels’ hospital stay—much of which was spent in critical condition—was far from smooth, it was one particular moment that had him the most fearful.
He also still suffers from painful headaches, which may last another month, and a stiff neck. Welcome to another episode of Epic Rap Battles of Heroes and Villains, trying something different today. This will compensate for the 60-something year difference in technology that the two men used.
Though in the movie he did shoot a guy from 200 yards with a .22lr standing in a boat with a homemade suppressor lol, if that were possible he would rock, but that is hollywood, at least Enemy at the Gates was pretty realistic.

He was a good shot, but his tactics were sorely lacking I know what you mean although he wasn't alone so it's tough to say.
Close match between Bourne and Bond, with Bond getting an edge with his theme music and longevity. Melissa Anderson of “Little House On The Prairie” visits with Charlie about her new book! Melissa’s new book about her years on that show is a great read, and even has a script-like format that is woven into the chapters throughout the book! The actress, whose bail was set at $100,000, paid a bail bond company $10,000 for the bond. Judge Revel’s courtroom is dark next week but Lohan will appear in front of another judge in her absence.
After performing some tests, his doctors discovered a hole in the Poison star’s heart.
Joseph Zabramski, held a press conference to explain what the rocker had been through, an explanation which required him to show scans of Michaels’ brain. We have a three-way battle between agents: Jack Bauer, the counter-terrorist operative of 24, Jason Bourne, the amnesiac super assassin trained by the CIA, and James Bond, Britain's infamous Secret Service spy.
She was reportedly stuck in France because she claims her passport was stolen while she was at the Cannes Film Festival.
Since this battle was so particularly unique to anything else I have done, I brought aboard my good pal Grav to help me on this, writing as Bond. NOTE: Heard something on the Show & need info, Clink on the link in upper right hand corner of this page!

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