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In assembling this exhibition, DOWNTOWN provides a snapshot of what is on view in eight prominent LES galleries.
The accompanying publication traces the evolution of the idea of 'downtown' as an attitude as much as a place.
For the artists included, this exhibition marks the first time their work will be shown in China.
As the oldest neighborhood in New York City, the LES has been home to waves of immigrants from Eastern European Jews, Poles and Ukrainians to what is today the heart of New York’s Chinatown. An essay by the curators charts the history of the downtown art scene in New York and the parallel social and cultural contexts from the late 1960s to the present.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the LES galleries who represent the artists presented in the exhibition. Throughout the neighborhood, galleries can be found tucked into small storefronts, up narrow staircases, and more recently in newly-built white box spaces.
Interspersed throughout are first-person narratives from the artists and gallerists in the show who talk about what the LES means to them. Progressive gallery models are thriving; they are incubators of the most exciting emerging artwork being made today.
The effect for the reader is as if overhearing snippets of life lived by artists and art professionals on the scene.

The close-knit community of artists and art dealers attracts well-heeled crowds to this former working class neighborhood, shifting the associations of the old world to the new. In keeping with the show’s theme, the publication has been designed by Project Projects, an internationally celebrated design firm as well as a grassroots member of the LES community.

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