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Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)Single released in July 2007, appears on the albums Life in Cartoon Motion as the 8th track on the standard version and as the 9th track on the US version and Songbook Vol 1 as the 7th track.
OFFICIAL VIDEO: The music video was directed by Patrick Daughters and was filmed on May 19, 2007. Billy BrownSong which appears on the album Life in Cartoon Motion as the 7th track on the standard version and the 8th track on the US version, and the Dodgy Holiday EP as the 1st track. EraseBonus song which appears on the US and Japanese versions of Life in Cartoon Motion as the 11th track.
Grace KellySingle released in January 2007, and appears on the album Life in Cartoon Motion as the 1st track and Songbook Vol 1 as the 2nd track. OFFICIAL VIDEO: directed by Sophie Muller, produced by Zeno Campbell, and starring Mika, Sophiea€™s daughter Holly Muller, much of his family, his live band, and some of his friends. Happy EndingSingle released in October 2007, appears on the album Life in Cartoon Motion as the 10th track on the standard version and the 12th track on the US version. I have just noticed the description on a youtube video (mikas piano lullaby) the girl says mika dedicated it to her.
It's about a family friend of mine who lost her eye during the war in Lebanon and I realized in everyone's life there comes one point, or several points where something happens and you have to completely change the way you have lived your life because of one event.
Official live versions appear on Mikaa€™s Live In Cartoon Motion and Live Parc Des Princes Paris video releases. It features Mika and several curvy women in corsets and dresses dancing down Croydon high street and Surrey Street Market, with other people watching and joining in as they go.
Have you felt bored of songs you wrote?" and Mika replied, "Yes, there are some i never published. The video was filmed in early November 2006 and has been nominated for numerous worldwide awards.
James told photographers that he was just a guy who played guitar and not a good looking guy so he very happy with all the new found female attention he was getting. And it really makes you re-adjust and rethink and re-judge parts of your life all over again.

The finale of the video features a whole gathering of curvy women celebrating with Mika and the onlookers. When youa€™re writing songs, you always want to play with intrigue and you always want to pull certain strings.
The single went to #1 in the UK on downloads alone, and stayed at #1 in the UK charts for 5 weeks.
The instrumental introduction in the extended video is an extract of the acoustic version of the song found on certain releases of the album. He is singing and has a pink balloon attached on his arm and while he is floating above, it reveals Mika with a pink suit. That happens to some people in a dramatic way like Raffa who lost both her eye and her husband within 6 months. The song is titled after Academy Award-winning American film and stage actress, and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.
No behind the scenes making-of video was released, but he talked about the video in a podcast from 2006. His room walls are shown full of pictures that start moving their mouths and singing with Mika. UP NEXT: adding more support bands to tour dates, updating info, adding new encyclopedia entries including those from the to be added list, new The Voice info, etc. Or it can be in a much quieter way like when you are 22-years-old and you finally leave university after being in education all your life or when you lose your job. In a March 2013 interview for neontommy Mika said, "I did a video for this song a€?Big Girla€™ and I thought, a€?I cannot believe I did that.a€™" No behind the scenes making-of video was released. And ita€™s amazing how many younger listeners really love it and really identify with this little character Billy Brown, this cartoon character. The lyric "So I try a little Freddie" is a reference to the rock band Queen's Freddie Mercury, to whose singing voice Mika's has been compared.
I wanted to put that in the song, because when you're 68 or 14, it's still the same feeling and it's still just as hard.

In Spain, the Galician TV station TelevisiA?n de Galicia used samples of this song in the show O show dos Tonechos. He smiles as the screen goes black." A behind the scenes making-of video was released online also. What she says at the beginning is: "Same day I went to dress for wedding, same day, where I went married, what happened - he's gone married another girl. Rory Bremner recorded a parody version to illustrate the problems of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. UK Radio DJ Scott Mills impersonated Mika and sang lyrics of the song in a prank call to a real estate agency. The other user said that it was written by Mika but it's not at all but they wouldn't admit it so I just posted it as a joke lol.
So I was watching trashy television, it was two oa€™clock in the morning, a Victoria Wood documentary on Channel 4.
I went home and I wrote a€?Grace Kellya€™, as you know, as a rant against them, but about 2 years later to have it do so well and to have it released as my first single, we all know whoa€™s laughing now."---In a February 2007 interview for The Sun where Mika explained each song on the album he said, "I wrote this song as a little stick you to the music industry a couple of years back. It was about fat people in the United States and she visited a club called The Butterfly Lounge, which was the first place of its kind, a club for larger women to hang out in. I was working with a big music company in London that wanted to mould me into what they felt would turn me into a commercial success, which was Craig David at the time. They told me I needed to make a record more like what everyone expected pop records to be a€” and be like Craig David.
I never expected it on the album, but a few weeks later we recorded it and ita€™s now there. It does not include the tracks "Lollipop", "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" and "Over My Shoulder", but does include the Japanese only bonus track "Your Sympathy", as well as including Mika's original version of the track "Gave It All Away".)1.

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