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James Richard Bauer, vice president for planning, facilities and external affairs, joined Willamette University in 1995.
Send us your question about Pivotek construction manufacturing, and one of our specialists will reply within 24 hours. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that you should focus on the marriage more than the wedding day. Our goal is to be the best total solution in the prefabrication bathroom industry, so we pay attention to every single detail of every single project, knowing that success hinges on our ability to deliver at each step. Our leaders represent a range of knowledge and experience, from traditional construction to architecture to prefabrication. As President, Kent provides strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board of Directors and management team to establish long range strategies and operating processes that maximize growth, profit, and return on investment.
He prioritizes company activities to ensure performance metrics and objectives are aligned with the company’s strategy and tactical plan. As Director of Purchasing, Jeff is responsible for all procurement, receiving and inventory management for the material that is associated with your project. On a daily basis, Jeff works closely with our partners throughout the construction industry to ensure that we are utilizing the most current techniques, tools and materials to bring the highest quality product to our customers. James is responsible for educating our potential clients on the benefits of Pivotek’s construction manufacturing techniques and innovative processes. Jerry is a 28-year commercial construction veteran who oversees the construction and installation of all our projects, ensuring that we meet owners’ expectations. Throughout Jerry’s career, he has overseen the construction of the Narayana Medical Center on Grand Cayman Island, The Miami Valley Hospital South, Proctor and Gamble Labs, and numerous others. Prior to joining Pivotek, Jerry worked for TP Mechanical, where his latest roles were estimation manager, project manager, and pre-construction manager. I had never seen the show before, and I took it because my agent said it was important to do, that it would be a good thing. Interesting interview with Howard Gordon where he is asked about some of the worst decisions on the show. We get an exclusive interview with Jon Cassar, Executive Producer and Director of the hit action series, 24. The writers should have known that the critics would be watching the show more closely after 24 winning the Emmys for best Drama series and lead actor the previous year. Torture in 24 is a dramatic device, used to make Jack Bauer a tragic and dark hero, torn between the lifes he had to save and the extreme acts he must commit to achieve that.
The reason, I believe, it didn’t get nominated was because of critics trashing the series after the 4 episode premiere was over.
Though, watching from episode 6x05 on through television was torture because of the way Fox presented the show. I hear that my favorite series ever next to 24, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, had that problem with audiences in Season 2. I understand your disappointment regarding Season 6, a feeling shared by many, and the 24 writing team fully deserve the criticism they get for that season, they clearly dropped the ball big-time in it’s overall execution! Season 6 is easily the worst season, though season 3 is also quite awful (those prison break episodes were so bad…).

I hated all the supporting cast in season 6, from James Cromwell to Ricky Schroeder (yep, Silver Spoons), and Wayne Palmer as President??! Killing Curtis like that was stupid, and having Jack up and running after spending months being tortured in a Chinese prison was a really terrible way to start the season. Much of the season was forgettable, but I just remember a complete lack of believability or tension.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their opinion as long as it adds constructively to the conversation.
Bauer has founded Bauer Labs as an academic and engineering team to develop software and a sensor shell to be incorporated into the OR, which will improve intraoperative workflow as well as provide active countermeasures to control human error- The Nexus Project.  The group has constructed an IDEF0 model (six levels of detail) that serves as a backbone for the analysis of the surgical procedure, more specifically to provide “contextual awareness” during surgery.
He came to Willamette from the University of Idaho where his administrative work spanned 15 years.
Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we consistently exceed customer expectations.
Continually looking for better ways to design and build, and creating solutions for incredible challenges keeps us sharp, helping us to continually shatter expectations of what construction manufacturing can be. As a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt with 15 years of manufacturing experience, Kent excels at finding lean and innovative methods for creating an advanced product. He also ensures operational processes and controls are in place to achieve quality and production targets. Kent has successfully implemented many projects, most recently the Champion’s Court student housing facility at the University of Kentucky.
Bridge where he was Director of Sales and Product Management contributing to development and execution of North American business initiatives.
His in-depth understanding of construction enables him to seamlessly transition the team from design to construction.
His ability to estimate precisely and manage costs ensures that our approach offers cost certainty and predictability. The sixth season , while having the best political storyline of the series, was the most violent of all.
There were so many hiatuses and commercial breaks, that it took this very focused mindset in a story that was very deep in exploration and made it seem like it was going nowhere while watching it on television. And yet I still made sure my tv was tuned to the program at the time just in case my cable company had a new way to measure what I was watching without me knowing. This means no personal attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia, excessive language, and obviously no spamming or excessive self-promotion. We do not tolerate intentional attempts to hijack, derail, or bait others into an emotional response. Bauer brings unique experience and perspective to this project with a combination of his work in military aviation, flight safety engineering and development, as well as his skill as active gynecological MIS surgeon.  He served for nine years as a military pilot (Air Force Senior Pilot) and additionally as a Flight Safety Officer, chosen to sit on two major aircraft accident investigation boards.
Bauer’s work at Willamette covers a wide range of responsibilities that support the development and operation of the University.
We aim to set new standards and help architects, engineers, construction managers, and building owners not only see—but reap—the value of construction manufacturing. Prior to that, Bauer held a variety of leadership positions at Contech Engineered Solutions including product and sales management, people development, and strategic planning for civil infrastructure applications.

Jerry manages Pivotek’s workforce as well as subcontractors, oversees materials procurement, and is an expert at keeping projects on schedule and on budget.
And then I’ve taken my son captive and I’m torturing him, then I was going to take my grandson captive and threaten him. I had ex-friends tell me that Season 6 was awful and they didn’t watch the series, they just read what critics say. I wouldn’t know for sure though, because I watched it all together as it came to an end. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning and repeat offenders may be banned. Pan Am World Airways selected him to evaluate the human factors considerations in the Airbus 320 glass cockpit.  Dr. So, we strive for accountability, great communication, and active problem solving throughout the process, so that our clients have a positive experience. So I went to the producers and I said, “Look, are there any redeeming qualities to this character?” They looked at me as though I was nuts, I was asking something bizarre. If they hadn’t done that, seasons 7 and 8 would have received bigger emmy attention and critical acclaim. So you wait a week to see something you already just saw and then you get another recap of next week’s episode.
He holds a MBA with highest honors from Willamette University, and a master’s degree in counseling and human services and a Bachelor of Science in interpersonal communication from the University of Idaho. Ultimately, we want you to believe that prefab is an efficient and effective solution to many issues found in traditional construction. And then on the floor of the set I saw this two-star general and asked him what he was doing there, and explained that he had come to talk to them about the presentation of torture, which I thought was eminently reasonable and necessary. Those episodes were so much better in consecutive order because its like being in the mind of Jack Bauer. Bauer supervised the fabrication of both generations of demonstration prototypes, and presented the prototype and concept at the World Convention of Endoscopy in 1994.  The surgeons command and control concept was eventually developed into the OR1 by Storz in Germany, and later became the backbone for the OR of the future project. And if you don’t, we hope that you’ll continue to consider prefabrication for future projects.
And to me they missed a great opportunity, which they could have done in the last season, to rectify what they had done — where he becomes disillusioned with this and makes every effort to change his techniques.
Watching it week to week with commercial breaks took you out of that mindset and made everything out of context.
Bauer is currently working on software and sensor shells to be incorporated in the SCC to improve surgeon performance and control human error within the OR. He is a board certified gynecological surgeon, active clinician, and Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at Oregon Health Sciences University.

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