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On the chance you are among the four or five ITM readers who are not also on Facebook, you will want to know that today is International Hug a Medievalist Day.
So get ready for those embraces by colleagues, friends, frenemies, family, stray animals, the weather, the world.
Luckily we have a few months before International Slap a Medievalist Day arrives; book your tickets to an isolated island now. Tryamour knows the secret lives of objects, how they flee from us at the moment we seek embrace. How can a seminar on objects and agency not include objet petit a, das Ding, the screen, the fetish, the materiality of negativity and lack, fantasy as the sine qua non, point de capiton, the rock of the Real, symptom and sinthome?
Even if Lacan and Zizek both argue that time doesn't work so simply, that the past comes to us from the future, not the other way around.
Emare has the adventures we expect of a Constance figure, though she seldom invokes a faith in God to survive them.
This is one of those postcards that when you glance at its postmark you realize that its sender waited until returning home before dropping the thing in the mail. I've just returned from the University of Iowa, where I did a three day stint as Ida Beam Visiting Distinguished Professor. The spouse is running a meeting in Palo Alto right now, so while I was gone each kid spent two nights at a different friend's house (Wendy returns via red-eye tomorrow morning).
The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions in collaboration with The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney and The University of Queensland, seeks to appoint nine exceptional postdoctoral researchers to contribute to research projects in the history of emotions in Europe, c. The Centre draws on advanced research expertise at five nodes in Australia (the universities of Western Australia, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland), plus research partnerships in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. The flow of human bodies (thick as gates ready their openings, swift trickles after flights depart) reminds me that everything is liquid. A man is what he owns: his sword, his breeches, his shoes, his purse, his horse, his squire, his helm, his towels and basins and lodgings are what makes him. So I included Slavoj Zizek's Sublime Object of Ideology on my syllabus, and taught the book for the fourth and last time.
Its heroine is a Constance-like figure who flees the incestuous embrace of her father, and finds properly connubial love in a distant kingdom, a family reunion in Rome.
Once the robe ceases to "glyster," it seems, people are returned to the orbits of their ordinary lives. The good steward, the kind king who recognizes her nobility and takes her as his wife, the evil stepmother who forges letters to condemn her, the innocent and beautiful child, a reunion in Rome: all these things are in this lay.
Though I was sponsored by multiple departments (English, History, Religion, Classics and Women's Studies as I recall), I owe the residency to the amazing Kathy Lavezzo. We've never had separate trips at the same time like this, and were a bit stressed about this situation, especially given our mutual distance from Alex and Katherine. I'd worried too much about my ability to be entertaining for that long (mostly I just gave up on that ambition and resorted to making funny noises with my arm pits when the conversation lulled).
Our approach is strongly interdisciplinary, with researchers spanning the fields of social and cultural history, literature, art history, museology, Latin studies, history of medicine and science, musicology and performance practice.

We are water transport mechanisms, but despite the vast beauty that our aqueous movements hold not all sweeps and surges exist to give the eyes pleasure. Yet its protagonist might also be a cloth so encrusted with stones that its forms a mobile lapidary.
Yet the winds have already blown his daughter past the horizon, and the ships he sends to return her find no trace. Yet so is Emare's enthusiasm for class impersonation, imitating her childhood nurse Abro as she sews, embroiders, and creates clothing. She nominated me, put together my itinerary, and took extremely good care of me during my visit. Though I slept well each night when I finally made it to bed, I was always buoyed by the enthusiasm of those around me. We'd tried to get someone to stay with K&A while we were both traveling, thinking that would minimize the chance of a problem. I'd worried about K & A taking care of themselves both with friends and by themselves on Friday afternoon and evening (I need to have more faith). The cover's by Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, about whose work I have brief things to say, here.
In Rome she is rescued not by a senator (as in the analogues), but by a kindly merchant named Jordan. He had always thought the physical universe had no shape at all, just a multi-directional nothingness with deep space objects floating around at varying speeds.
She even remembered what drink I like (old fashioneds made with Knob Creek), and compelled me to try a new one (the Bloody Orange, in the picture below).
It's possible I nodded off to sleep for ten minutes while listening to my iPod on the small plane from Cedar Rapids to Chicago, but that's about the only time I felt tired.
Even though that fell through, each kid enjoyed their time with their different families -- and we feel fortunate to have friends who could take in our temporary orphans. And, to top things off, I've convinced them both to make french toast with me tomorrow morning to welcome home their mom. Pause here to join me in cheering for my co-editor Peggy McCracken, a perfect co-laborer, -investigator, -writer, and -thinker!Through the end of March (2011), you may download the essays for free. My first book would not have been possible without Lacan and Zizek's invitation to consider the knotted intricacies of subjectivity, identity, the misrecognitions that make us.
It portrays three pairs of famous western lovers, with the maker and her fiance the Sultan forming the fourth.
These interests in middle class identities and the liquidity of capital no doubt gesture towards the lay's audience: it is found after all in what is likely a merchant miscellany. Actually, quite the opposite: the visit was so intellectually and socially stimulating that I've come away from it energized. K & A returned home together Friday afternoon, knowing that I was due to arrive from National Airport around seven. We hope of course that your institution will subscribe to postmedieval; just as strongly, we (where we = Peggy and me and I presume the issue's assembled participants) hope that "The Animal Turn" finds its way into your syllabuses.

This matrimonial cloth is taken in battle and bestowed by a father to his son, Tergaunte King of Sicily.
It also suggests that the sublime object that propels the plot, the stone-encrusted and glimmering robe (which is, really, the shimmering promise of romance itself), is as available to those who hold parvenu identities as to the ancient aristocracy.
Among the many who took me to meals, conveyed me to and from the airport, and suffered through my bad jokes, I'm especially thankful to Erin Mann, Michael Sarabia, Tom Blake, Stephanie Norris and Travis Johnson. I also very much liked Iowa City, with its array of coffee shops, good restaurants, and book stores. When my plane was delayed in Chicago due to a mechanical issue I frantically called Alex, who had been watching his younger sister since picking her up from school that afternoon.
He in turn gives the radiant cloth to King Artyus, Emare's father, possibly (as Liz Scala suggests) as an unrecognized request for Emare's hand. If this doesn't remind you of what we--especially Eileen--have been thinking and writing about of late, you've likely been reading another blog. I've been fortunate in that I've been giving many papers at many different universities lately; this was among my favorites.
When I finally did get home around nine, she was sound asleep in her bed and he was watching a movie. It isn't, there is no break, and yet I know that having written for the fourth and last time I'll be asked about what I've abandoned, rejected, left behind. Artyus has the cloth fashioned into a robe for his daughter, intending to marry her when she dons this strange wedding gown.
I also got to see some favorite medievalists (Claire Sponsler, Connie Berman, Michael Moore), as well as to meet Jon Wilcox and many others. So the existence of George Neilson's short, delightful Caudatus Anglicus: A Mediaeval Slander (Edinburgh, 1896) will not surprise him. I'd avoided teaching it previously because I'd always worried that the text had been allowed to stand in for medieval race itself, but teaching the thing made me realize that it is not nearly as reductive as the skin color dynamics and transforming blob baby at quick glance suggest.
Steal Neilson's cadences, which sound like this:Scotsmen and Frenchmen believed or professed to believe--which came to the same thing--that Englishmen were, in one particular, not as other men are. In consequence, an opportunity was frequently taken to refer to an alleged fact of natural history so interesting in itself, and so unpalatable to the persons reminded of it. From Layamon we first hear of the nickname of Mugglings, and of the shame which the story occasioned not to the men of Dorsetshire or of Kent merely, but to Englishmen generally. Sarcastic foreigners could not be expected to display a tedious nicety in fine distinctions between English counties.

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