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It’s pretty obvious that you have a text that tells you to find the error, and you have a bunch of numbers of different colors.
Let’s see, this works best for those who learned to read and write left to right; in case you are used to reading vice versa, chances are that you’re going to spot the mistake right away!
Our mind is taught that text goes left to right, and that’s why, with years and years of training, our perception learned to be fast and decode text messages at an alarming rate. Okay, this one isn’t exactly a visual illusion, is more of a mind trick, but that’s what makes it so amazing!

When you introduce a repeated word in a straight straight sentence, you notice it right away.
The first time we laid eyes on it, we were looking at the numbers, and checking out if they’re in order. The next thing was to see if the colors are in order – and we did a bit of research on that as well, but, since we couldn’t find nothing wrong, we checked the text, and we couldn’t find nothing wrong with it either. Read the text word by word out loud, and you’ll see what’s the trick behind this “visual optical illusion” that we have for today!

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