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Savannah Gardiner You see, the problem with your statement is that you're preventing yourself from learning when you automatically shut yourself off on the basis of fear. To the unbelievers, When the trials of life visits your door-step (As they surely will) who will you call out to; Chris Rock? One of the biggest tricks the devil ever played was convincing gullible people that God don't exist. Savannah, I find your cognitive dissonace and blatant attempt to purposely ignore reasoning quite appalling!
The very mention of ARMY,says so much about religion , All powerful God needs an army made up ignorant humans!!
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It is GOOD that black people are waking up from the mind virus that is religion and god belief. This is evident at every award show, when the first thing award recipients do is thank God when accepting an award.
Yawwwwn oh and good things happen in life as do bad so god ain't saving you from neither and neither is your imaginary friend Jesus! He was elected so why attempt to remove him because he doesn't believe in your zombie?
We have been taught to believe many things since we were born by people whom we trusted(our parents.) But are they true? Religion is such a part of the culture that people often think there’s no such thing as a black atheist.
There is much evidence that the origins of these beliefs are wrong, or at least questionable. It's as if many black people have traded in being enslaved by whites to being enslaved by an imaginary terrorist (gods) meaning it is self enslavement!

As long as religion exists and people still think fictional characters like gods are real humanity will remain enslaved, blind, deluded, and immoral. Instead of all that love, time, energy, appreciation, kindness, and love being given to things that don't exist it would be given to each other.
To our families, friends, children, neighbors, community, lovers, pets, and those in need all other the world!
We would actually value and nurture our real loved ones instead of wasting our entire lives on mythology (religion) and imaginary friends (gods). They need us to be of sound mind by not living in a fantasy world obsessing over fictional characters (gods, jesus, satan, etc).

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