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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Also I have no IIS Services running, Web Deployment Agent Service also not running, World Wide Web Publishing Service also not running..
It is also recommended to have User Account Control OFF as it may block some features built into xxamp. The first thing I done was to use the "Take Ownership" command (see below for a link) and this created a better error message. Adding this only because Google finds this error as the best result for "xampp apache wont start".
I had the same error, the error logs where empty, I ended up installing Apache as a service via XAMPP. Now when I try and start Apache I at least get some informative errors in Windows Event Viewer.
Turned out to be a missing directory for a vhost, easy fix, however I was only able to view this error when attempting to start Apache as a service.
Similar cause for me: a directory for an alias was missing (network mapped drive, which was down at the time).

Click the (X) button to install apache in windows service and reboot, it should be working now.
Generally it seems logical that when apache doesn't find all of the components it won't start. Although this person's question seems to have been answered, I just wanted to add that I received this error because I had a typo in my httpd-vhosts.conf file (got in a hurry and didn't specify a port on the VirtualHost tag).
If it helps to anyone, I currently use VMWare Workstation in my computer, and it also blocks Apache from starting, because VMWare Workstation listens for requests on port 443.
You can either comment out "listen 443" inside the "httpd-ssl.config" or you can disable "Shared VMs" from VMWare Workstation General Preferences. It's simple if you guys have and use your skype ports turn them ports off from the skype settings->Connections and unmark the port like where it sez ports 80 till 443. Check here at any time to view the current status of our hosted services including Pro On Demand and Electronic Updates. Welcome to Webune Support ForumsWe provide Windows Dedicated Server - If you are interested in a secured Windows 2008 server, please contact our sales teamthe purpose of this tutorial is to show you how you can disable IIS (Internet Information Services) on your Microsoft Windows Server.sometimes its helpful because you want to disable it by default because you may have another web server running on your server like apache for example.
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There are two possible causes of this error, both of which are described below and accompanied by a solution as to how they can be overcome.SolutionSearching has been disabledThe most likely cause of this error is that the searching facility has been disabled on Nearest Web.
I will show you the steps for disabling in your windows server using pictures of the configuration settings. This is weird because I checked the installed files and those files still don't exist but it is somehow working. The status of the searching functionality can be verified by opening the Administration Utility for the application.
I found this question by searching the exact error fix and non of the answers given worked because all it neded was the redistributable installed.

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