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Cal Startups is the second wiki, aimed to connect Berkeley students who interested in finding other entrepreneurs. As you probably know from my previous post, my cell phone broke yesterday, thus, losing my entire phonebook in the process. Loren Feldman, who usually goofs on Silicon Valley, makes an excellent speech why you should start a blog. Prestigious university pride themselves of diversity, but at the end of the day, most people in your class come from similar background and strive for the same corporate future. However, after reading articles about twitter’s ability to break news fast, I realized the importance of having multiple communication mediums.
While there are huge benefits to networking, people start picking and choosing who they want to talk to – the ones with the most economical value.

Sometimes, it seems like having a phone, blog, AIM, Twitter, and Facebook seem overly redundant, but redundancy is all too important in times of crisis. While this isn’t bad, things would have been a lot different if some of these communication devices were directly intertwined.
Just the fact that people are reaching out means that there is a demand to talk to someone you’ve never met offline.
We don’t understand the lives of people who become plumbers or people who try to start a local restaurant. Unlike the narrow path of education I was brought up with, there are multiple ways of achieve your goals. For example, what if my mom had her cell phone stored at some central location, and I can contact her through many services, such as AIM, Facebook, or VOIP.

Moreover, I think twitter is more meaningful when you actually have some information about the person’s background.
I think that getting to know people around you will better help you understand what you are trying to achieve. Like I said before, Facebook is not really a good place to meet new people, at least for the way the young people use it.

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