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With the springing up of more and more hospitals and health centers across the Kingdom, there has also been a huge demand for nursing staff, a field that is overwhelmingly dominated by foreigners. Many Saudi women have managed to succeed in this profession in spite of overwhelming opposition, especially from their family members, notably husbands, something that often affects how well they perform their jobs.
The main causes of this are husbands who do not want their wives to work shifts and attend to male patients.
She added that another one of her classmates switched over to another course after two years because of her husband.
Ramia, who is on the same course as Abrar, criticized the negative way with which young Saudi men view nursing graduates. Ahmad Aseeri, a marriage official in Abha, said nearly 90 percent of young men who visit him prefer working women to housewives.
Salama Al-Atwi, a marriage official in Tabuk, said some young men who refuse to marry nurses fail to understand the important role they play in society. According to Al-Atwi, an overwhelming majority of young men in the age group between 20 and 30 do not want to marry nurses.
Al-Zayed, however, added that she has never heard of a nurse leaving her job because of her husband. If you know a Saudi man who has taken a foreign wife, why do you think that is?  What is it about the foreign woman that makes the Saudi man want to choose her over a Saudi wife?  It is not as if it is simple to marry a foreign woman either.  For a Saudi man, he must not only obtain governmental approval for the marriage (at least to live together legally in the Kingdom and for her to be recognized as a legal wife) but he probably has to win his family over to the concept of a non-Saudi wife too. The Saudi man who marries a foreigner probably does not want to have a traditional Saudi life or lifestyle.
In some cases, the husband realizes that the foreign woman he loved and married has become a Saudi stranger to him.  What happened to the woman he met and fell in love with because of her differences?  What does the man do in such cases?

Unrealistic Expectations in Saudi Marriages AMERICAN BEDU: A two day discussion between Saudi men and women on the expectation and subsequent reality of marriage in the Kingdom unearthed some familiar themes. Saudi Arabia and The Cover Up of Polygamy AMERICAN BEDU: There does not seem to be a pattern on which wife (Saudi or foreign) was the first.
How Arranged Marriage Works in Saudi Arabia AMERICAN BEDU: It's a myth grooms and brides have no say in their choice of partner.
American Bedu shares her experiences and perspectives as an American in Saudi, one who has made the transition between having typical expat experiences and traditional experiences of any Saudi, on a daily basis, thanks to her marriage to a Saudi man and "a beautiful and large extended Saudi family".
American Bedua was a former American diplomat who was in the US Foreign Service for 20 years.
What a brilliant article, demonstrating the dilemma suffered by both Saudi women and the Western wives.
However, more and more young Saudi women are also becoming nurses, something that is leading to a new phenomenon. Ghazi Al-Shamri, head of the Family Solidarity Committee at the Eastern Region Governorate who is also supervisor of the family website Tusafeena (be honest with one another), said that even some doctors are hesitant to marry nurses. Such husbands direct them not to work shifts, prefer working in primary health care centers to hospitals, and avoid working with men,” she said, adding that this leads to many female nurses feeling stressed. There are several instances in which nurses working at hospital try to get transferred to primary health centers.
We have managed to achieve 50 percent Saudization in the government health sector,” said Sharifa Al-Zayed, director of the Nursing Department at the Health Affairs Directorate in the Eastern Region.
Even those Saudi males in the medical field refuse to marry nurses, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

Her husband told her to discontinue the course if her academic performance was found to be unsatisfactory,” she added. His mother then came to see me and it was then that she learned that I was a nursing student. They cite several factors for this, such as unsociable working hours, gender mixing and stuff like that,” he said. He knew full well that she was a nursing student and that her elder sister worked as a nurse.
The high salaries that female doctors receive also sometimes leads to bitter disputes between couples,” he said, adding that he knows of several divorces in which the couples were both doctors. For this, they cite several excuses, going up to the extent that their family is on the verge of break up or divorce,” she said, recalling her long experience in the field. The next day, she telephoned my family to break the engagement saying her son does not want to marry a nurse,” she said. Only time tells if this person is right for you." The issue of citizenship rights struck a chord with Mrs Kazim, and she insisted these rights must be the same for Emirati men and women.
The 2007 law that granted women the right to marry foreigners lays down ground rules for the prospective husband, including the fact that he must have a job and be able to support his wife and family, must have valid citizenship from a country, must be a resident of the UAE, must be educated and must sign a statement that he does not want UAE citizenship. These children then feel lost, because they feel like Emiratis, but officially they are not.

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