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The Latin women I found were very kind and passionate, and not once did I feel like they were looking for a visa.
Amy, you can´t begin to compare with the women of South America, who would not judge as you do. After traveling the world with my wife for eight years and for another eight years after her death from breast cancer, I have experienced up close the dilemma that the South American woman faces, that which is termed Machismo. In this liberated state, we are generally divorced by the age of 36, (national average: 52% are divorced by age 36) embittered, embattled and lost.
I have had the misfortune to date a few gals from the US of A recently and have been severely disappointed and sometimes horrified at the lifestyle they lead. Your hate mail section is interesting, and in publishing some of the same, you have certainly uncovered some of that disarray and anger owned by many western women. I suppose that when an entire female generation is being cast aside in lieu of something better the female will display anger and frustration.
I think we are fortunate to live in an age where messages can be sent and introductions can be made via the Internet at light speed.
Thank you for enabling this endeavor with your fine service and do not worry with the naysayer. My desire to seek out Latin women does not come from desperation but from my experiences in South and Central America.
So why would you want to work 60 hours a week, spend no time with your children or friends, just to keep a materialistic, ashamed to look feminine, American woman happy? A year ago I married a lovely girl from Ecuador who I met, coincidently, here in the United States.
I am a 45-year-old single male who did what he wanted with his life and now wants to settle down. At my age, the majority of women I meet have already been married and have had children and are just looking for someone to be with them in the golden years. This Amy woman obviously has experienced some kind of abuse or conditioning or perhaps she is jealous because American guys are looking elsewhere for women. I´ve dated Canadian women all my life, which I suspect are not that different from American women. I must say that I am quite a novice at using the service of an agency, as I have felt no need to do so to date.
I have traveled extensively around the globe (I am a four million miler with Delta) and have lived in Brazil, Philippines, Japan, Canada, and the USA.
My first wife was American and we got divorced in 1996, as I found her to be a money hungry, lying, cheating adulteress. I have dated some very lovely ladies from Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela) who I have met through business circles while traveling overseas.
All other things aside, if you were approaching this selfishly, I seriously doubt you would take the time to publish antagonistic letters on your site and take the time to give them reasoned responses. As a 43-year-old American man who has traveled extensively, I can clearly and truthfully say that by the law of large numbers, American women have indeed become undesirable to American men. A recent government study just published stated that 50% of marriage aged American men are not interested in marriage any time soon, and that another 25% are avowed lifetime bachelors; that is, they have no interest in marrying an American woman. If you were to take up sky-diving, and the instructor informed you that most of the parachutes were defective, would you take the plunge? So if an American man wants to raise a family with a woman who enjoys being a wife and mother, he must look outside the U.S. I send all the best wishes for putting capable, honest American men together with feminine, honest foreign young ladies.
I am a divorced man of three years from a failed marriage to an American woman that lasted five years and cost me 1.1 million dollar with no children. I was cruising the web, and to be honest, I don´t know how I ended up on your site, but it struck my curiosity. There is however one drawback to this, and although it is minuscule, one must know this in getting into a relationship with a Latin American woman.
I have to tell you, I´ve been entertaining thought of travel to Latin America for many reasons, and not the least of which is that I find the women of these regions to possess an almost unbelievable beauty of heart, soul, mind and body. To present an argument based in hate and bitterness, one that conforms to some pathetic dogma requires a cloak of altruism, a heroic quest for the greater good, and a villain. I had an experience with a Colombian girl that occurred thirty years ago when we were in college in California. She graduated a year before me, so rather than stay the extra year she returned to set up her business and waited for me to join her after my graduation. Five years later I received a phone call from my former landlord informing me that she was visiting in California and wanted all of us to get together for a dinner in Ventura. After dinner we talked for a bit and she asked me for my address and phone number, which I gave her and we parted. The point of all this is that we are all the same when we are looking for a lasting love and the commitment of marriage.
Was just on your website and LOVED the exchange between you and that man-hating femi-nazi, Amy. Use of this website is subject to the terms in use Privacy Policy, Legal Notices and Copyright 2002-2016.
In fact the few women I did get to know on a more personal basis would have been much happier for me to stay in Bogotá than move to Canada. Amy calls us losers, but I would ask her this: Would a loser head up an executive position in one of the largest food companies in the world? The women in South America are very special and their Latin genes produce a most beautiful, sensual and exciting woman. After returning to the continent, I have also seen up close the liberated North American woman who now suffers major increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, and heart disease coupled with a general back slide regarding dress and feminine grooming, not to mention her errant and disrespectful children.
It must send a message that your service and services like yours are prolific because they fill a need. The North American male has stopped looking for his feminine side and has begun looking South for an attractive, feminine, appreciative woman who is happy to be a woman who yearns to care for a good man.
I was in the process of going through a divorce from a typical American woman when I met and fell in love with a terrific woman from Colombia. During my career I worked in Chile and Brazil; I lived in Brazil and Panama and traveled to Colombia and Argentina. Unfortunately, Latin men are VERY Macho and TERRIBLE womanizers (ask any Latin woman in Miami), and in this great modern age of communication they have found that there is a place where men treat their women with respect, the USA!
My best friend was of the same mind and eventually married a Chinese woman whom he too met here in the States. What is probably most disturbing to me, as it should be to anyone, isn´t just how mean spirited her letter was, but how her letter presumed an attitude that American women are above the rest of the world, and are so perfect and unattainable that men not worthy of their affection are exiled to seek the attention of desperate third world women. I have a hard time with this because I have never been married and want to do the first time thing and see what it´s like.
There are many reasons why men would look into such a service, and I´d like to present one to you.
Well, living in Canada does not offer the opportunity to meet many (if any) Latin women who come from where I come from. However, having gone through your site and read the hate mail that you have been subject to, I must say I am even more convinced that you are an upstanding individual. Having lived and traveled to over 80 countries and having had the opportunity to meet women of all different cultures, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, levels of education and sophistication, your statements are so true.
Further, she tried a desperate money grab to obtain as much as she could from my business (a publicly traded software company that I founded).
They are educated, intelligent, cultured, and accomplished, but at the same time they are so loving, tender, caring and humble.
Nowadays lots of people meet their perfect match online; I know of several, albeit they did have their first face-to-face meeting in their hometowns or regions (Canada, my country). Feminism has left its mark indelibly upon America, and now men and children suffer the consequences. It is much more of a match made in heaven than the abomination that has become the American selfish, entitled free-for-all so called marriage! It seems like Amy is upset that men don´t have to put up with the unachievable goals and emotional roller coaster of American women. I have to say that I am currently married to a Colombian woman whom I met here in the United States.
I am drawn in by their culture of caring and kindness, their pride, their confidence, and a quality of great rarity here in the USA, the feminine woman. I must say that I´m repulsed by the almost violent objection to the services you provide. Men in general are simple creatures; it takes little to make him happy and lots to make him otherwise. As for your concerns for the women of Latin America as it pertains to the quest of what all aspire to, they are grossly misplaced.

I apologize for being crass, but I’d be willing to bet the contents of my wallet that Amy is an ugly, butch-haired, pig-faced, lesbian anyway. Amy clearly has not been to South America and talked to the people and experienced the lifestyle. Not only are these women beautiful, but many also have very high morals and values that we seem to have lost in North America. Would a loser pass up the chance for happiness with a Latin woman or keep looking for something that isn´t there in the US?
The men are strong but fall short of social expectations, which has been destructive to the state of marital bliss for centuries. They simply are unavailable to their children, their home, their man of the moment, and ultimately to themselves. It is incredible to me that one would try to condemn that which they know nothing about, and if it were to be stated otherwise, no Latina would want what the western woman owns. There is apparently a need, and you are apparently speaking to that need, both to the Latina and the American male, both of whom are tired of the fight. Now the victims of South American Machismo can converse with the underappreciated North American male and new love can be born, nurtured, and APPRECIATED by both contributing individuals from two entirely different cultures. Sche had been married to a Colombian man and was in the USA legally, and she needed nothing from me to stay in the USA. While living and working abroad I have experienced the different ways that Latin American people approach life.
However, for the women in matchmaking websites who are willing to look for love and respect outside of their home countries, it comes at a terrible price. There is nothing more beautiful on this planet than a woman, regardless of what she weighs. That is so incredibly racist and bigoted it makes me ashamed to say I come from a country where someone would write that. I´m a university educated Latin American man who was raised and still resides in Canada.
But I suspect that is the case with all women, otherwise relationships would be easy, right? This website (and others like it) offers men like me the opportunity to meet single Latin women who I cannot meet here. Most Americans think that foreign women are so vulnerable and looking for that ticket out of poverty.
But I haven´t ever been to Colombia nor have I had the opportunity to date any Colombian ladies at this point, and hence I am hoping that your service will help me achieve my objectives. What difference does it make if the woman (or man) is from a “developing” nation?
Anyways, keep up with helping people find each other and don´t let the naysayer get you down! They have become much less feminine, compete with men as men, have become complacent, overweight, thoroughly critical, and, well, thoroughly undesirable. I believe that she, like so many American women, just want to be heard and not hear anything. I think you are providing a service like any other free person, and if someone does not like it, they are free to not use it.
I was married for 7 years to an American woman who gave me two beautiful children but I was fooling myself if I thought I would ever get someone who was totally devoted to me. More often than not, they become angry because they care so much for something or someone but nonetheless, can be surprising the first time you see it. Feminine women, women who appreciate good men and who are appreciated by the same, and, to put bluntly, women who don´t find it necessary to castrate their mates in order to acquire their misplaced sense of entitlement, are in my opinion the miracle of humanity. Like the faithful dog, a happy man will break his back with a smile on his face to receive what only the woman I speak of can provide. Certainly there are women´s causes throughout the world in need of far greater attention.
Uncloaked, it all boils down to the demeaning of those women and the men who find them irresistible for all the reasons stated earlier. In that time she had visits from her ex-boyfriend and little by little he chipped away at her loneliness.
I drove up from Malibu and as I walked into the restaurant from across the room I could see her, but she had not noticed me yet. If there is anything wrong in our American culture it is the notion that freedom applies to all areas of our lives. Either that, or she was in a relationship with a good man and she decided it would be okay to throw on 50 pounds and turn into a harpy. I know a few Americans who have moved to Bogotá to be with the woman they fell in love with. NOTE: most North Americans, and especially the women, do not know the real meaning of machismo. They own unreasonable expectations of their men, tattoos, attire that´s old looking and too relaxed, unkempt hair, soiled laundry tossed one piece on top of another, and most of all, an anger that I do not understand. They certainly do not need to be saved by our frustrated, ill kempt, and angry western female. The origin of that need becomes evident quickly, and I suppose that is grounds for anger though that anger, should be turned inward, not outward. The Latina is looking for male virtues, and the North American male is looking for comfort and appreciation, that which he values. But when a Latin woman gets dressed, she is going to look good and whatever she wears will be very feminine and appealing. When the time comes and I am ready for another relationship, I will seek out another Latin American woman.
When I met my current wife she was already holding a green card, gainfully employed with a Fortune 100 company, and had applied for her citizenship. I´m saying that the eligible pool of non-married women who do not have kids and are 35 and older is very small.
They accept their roles and make sacrifices as needed (within reason) to keep the relationship and family intact. I already have a car for her here!) What she cares about most is that I love her and want to marry her and start a family.
Anyways, I also noticed there was something missing from these relationships that prevented me from taking the next step into marriage. However, over the last two years or so, the Priest of my Church (I am Catholic) who is from Colombia, convinced me to get married again and to pursue the possibility of doing so with a lady from Colombia.
I applaud the service you are providing and wish you the absolute best in your life together and future plans. I have two undergraduate degrees and an MBA from Duke University; I make a handsome income and you could not pay me enough to marry an American woman. She is a typical American Feminist who thinks that words are worth hearing unless it comes from a women´s mouth. But when a man with two children I know cheated on his wife, the same women said that his wife should leave him. They should be nervous because they will be a dying breed and there will be a lot of lonely American women in years to come. I speak of these things with some authority; I was blessed to have spent a good portion of my adult life in the company of one such woman. Why would you want to interfere in something as beautiful as men and women moving forward together in that quest? It is done in a desperate attempt to comfort themselves when faced with the harsh reality that has been heaped upon them by the feminist movement in its extremist form; a condition that, sadly to say, has become the accepted norm by all but the non-conforming among us.
It is a part of that machismo culture prevalent in all Latin countries (or maybe all countries for that matter). She said she was returning to Colombia the next morning and asked me if I would drive her to the airport.
Their families are whole and strong and the entire population is passionate about everything.
I have not been able to grasp the new idea that offering comfort to your husband is weak or subordinate. We were together for six years before it ended, and they were the best years I have ever spent with any woman. We get up, go to work, go home, eat, work some more, go to bed, and start over the next day.
And fortunately, if I happen to be in an area where there is not a significant Latin population, there are web sites like this one that can help me find the kind of woman I want to be with.
I left this country still drooling over blonde hair and Anglo smiles, and returned convinced that women from Latin America are by far more suited for me. Not everyone is lucky enough as I was to find a lovely Latin bride already established here in the United States.

Most American women (Latina or otherwise) are spoiled by the American way of life and expect everything and put you down or dump you when you cannot provide it for them. Once a woman is married the first time, all the relationships she will have after that will be related to that first time, and it will be the benchmark for any relationship you will have with her.
This is very important to the man when he is busting his ass and doing everything he can to provide for his family when the going is extremely tough.
I consider myself young at 37 years of age, and thought I would throw my two cents worth of opinions into the ring. Now, the interesting thing is that there are quite a few Colombians right here in my community, who at first glance I would find eligible to start a relationship with. Just a little background on me, I am a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, Founder and CEO of a Publicly Traded Software Company, and a guest professor at XXXX Tech.
You did men a huge service, and you made everyone who I had read this so proud of your truth. If the people who criticize you think that we have to go outside the USA to experience that, then they apparently have not read the statistics for illegal aliens in the United States.
This of course is not to say that there are not American women who can do so but time and time again, I was disappointed.
Believe me though, the 1% of meltdowns does not even come close to discounting these beautiful, caring, passionate women. The other interesting thing is that people refer again and again to the possible unfortunate situations to-be-brides have in their home-country; as if that is somehow the fault of the husband-to-be. They have painted themselves into a corner and have come to hate the men who they assumed to be theirs exclusively to spoil them without any need of reciprocation, gratitude, or respect on their part. I guess I didn´t matter to her at that point, so I withdrew from myself and from women for a long time.
My first thought was that I was a different person now and looking at her I realized that I could never get those feelings back.
When you are serious about a relationship with someone, your life is not yours alone anymore. Even if I don´t find the special someone with your service, I commend you on the service you are doing for others, and I am sure you have put together some very happy couples. These are a people, descendants of the Mayans, The Aztecs, The Incas, and royal Castilian Spanish who flourish and celebrate and take time to live and love. Even the most poor have laundry on the line, respectful children, and a smile on their face.
Latinas are all woman and whether they are getting dressed for soccer, the mall, the grocery store, or a dinner out, they leave no doubt in your mind about their femininity; no matter what their size. If you don´t live in New York, Florida, Chicago, or southern California, it must be incredibly difficult to find such a rare beauty. No man wants to go home and face even more humiliation and degradation when everything he can do is not good enough. There are plenty of American women who would want to marry me, but I am convinced that most of them would do it for the wrong reason, which is why I didn´t get married again. I wonder if these same people send critical emails to any of the various other large international dating services. And instead of being seen as a knight in shining armor, he is portrayed as an abuser and victimizer. If you have chosen wisely, if the hearts are in sync and the emotions are interconnected, you are part of a union.
By American women standards I had plenty to offer; the BMW, vice president title, and good salary. The bottom line is that when I am sick she never leaves my side, when I come home we cook together and have dinner, when we visit her family they treat me as one of their own, without any suspicion, and we are so much in love with each other. Some of them are ruined by non-existent fathers and bitter mothers who ultimately try to punish the father by teaching their daughters to use men for what they want and to dump them if they don´t get it.
Eventually, he stops going home, which leads to the current situation that makes foreign women desirable to American men. Anyone who is in disagreement with their arguably weak point of view is cast as having a nineteenth century mindset. She wondered if I felt those old days were good times and could I ever see it happening again.
Man and woman were meant to be together, to hold each other up and to be there for one another when this rat-hole world takes its toll.
The finer points of being a gentleman, like opening car doors and pulling out a chair when she sits down at a restaurant, are lost on American women of today, but very meaningful to my Spanish wife. It is the women who hold everything together in society and American women have forgotten that or were never taught it! Everyone should experience true love and the innocence that goes along with it at least once in their lives, and if marrying a foreign woman is the way to find it, then more power to them!!! The State will revoke his driver´s and professional licenses, making him virtually unemployable.
They are female, and like being female and prefer that I am a man, not a neutered house pet like so many American men have become. We want to feel that when we bring either emotional or financial support to a relationship, we will be loved for it, just as we would do for our partner in life. It appears to me that any time there is a service that might cater to a man, it is viewed as an intolerable entity.
I was almost uncomfortable at the total attention she paid to me, my feelings, my well-being and the loving, caring way she worshiped me. But, as evidenced by the alarming divorce rate here in the US, its affect on the American family and the willingness of good American men to travel thousands of miles in search of a good woman will be the legacy of their efforts.
I looked at her and said, yes, they were good times then, but I am seeing someone now and I am happy with the moment. In my case, I grew up in the northeast with European grandparents and my mother was first generation America.
She enjoys being treated like a lady, and doesn´t assume such gestures are motivated by some hidden agenda. So Amy, to your point, I do in fact denigrate American women who have become more like men. Somewhere in the last maybe 20 years women for some strange reason feel that they are automatically entitled to the best that the world has to offer with no contribution whatsoever. I am not saying your service is for men only, but one would have that mindset if, like most woman here in the US, they assume that the women do not benefit and aren´t intelligent enough to make their own choices. I see many of my buddies, only in their 20’s, already stuck in these types of marriages. In Brazil I found that Latin women had greater conviction to the European value system that I was more accustomed to.
While your services are not something I would find myself in a financial position to try I think it is a great service.
People say God put someone on this earth for each and every one of us, but that doesn´t mean she would live down the street from you.
This sounds simple enough and sounds like common sense, But being 52 years of age, I had never experienced such devotion to me. I was amongst people just like me, similar values, similar histories, similar views on life, and similar aspirations. I love Latin and Hispanic women and find it a wonderful idea that I wouldn´t have to wade through the local club and bar scene to find a match.
Regardless of how hard I tried to please any American girl (woman), it never seemed good enough. By the way, this is only going to get worse because the younger generations coming up (raised on MTV) all feel that they´re owed all the ridiculous crap American pop culture feeds them.
For them, quality of life does not come from money and possessions but from quality time spent with family, children and friends. Keep up the good work of making long lasting and successful relationships for BOTH men and women.
I am not saying they do not want nice things, but NOT when you have to sacrifice being with your family or friends to achieve them.
My wife and I visit Colombia every year as family is of the utmost importance to her and whether it is hers or mine, this is always the top priority, above all else.
I just wanted to say that I support your endeavors and think you should stay strong and continue. Family also includes my two children (from my prior marriage) and my mother, who incidentally absolutely adores my wife.
The first woman I might add who was ever good enough for me, or that my mother liked at all.

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