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That’s what happened when the man I thought I was going to marry told me he met someone else.
Sometimes I get so consumed with seeking my unmet longings, I don’t earnestly seek Him. Dear Lord, I sacrifice chasing what I want so I might more fully, and with more focus, chase You.
If this devotion resonated with you, Lysa TerKeurst’s book Made to Crave is just what you need to replace your unmet desire with a longing for God. The unmet longing I need to let go of today would be wishing that I could see my mom more often than only once or twice a year when she comes to visit my husband, Ron Smith- even wishing that all of our traditions that we used to have to could start up again.
I know that there will be a day when we may be able to see my mom more often than what we are currently. So please pray for me to keep the things you talked about today in the front of my mind & to give it up to God. Being content in my singleness and loving my tree house garage apartment is what I must do first. Know that I”m joining in with the other women here in lifting you and others struggling with IF and pregnancy loss up in prayer. Dearest P, Prayers Please, Trina, Jennifer, Jennifer C, Meran, Shaundre, Shannon and my other Dear Sisters. My husband and I had spoken about adoption many years ago when we lost our first baby, but neither of us felt like it was what we wanted.
My OLW (one little word) for 2015 is TRUST and let me tell you that I am trusting now more than I have ever before.
Great observation but “IT IS” CORRECTLY QUOTED IN THE MAIN HEADING so i am sure the new believers and nonbelievers will realize it is a typo!!! In my life I have noticed that it is when I finally truly let go of my desire and stop focusing on it that God moves.
Over this past week of reading the daily devotions, I’ve been able to apply these words to my life. I desire to have children, but need my business to grow so the financial means are there to move into a descent area where we can safely raise children. Maybe, God will make a way for her to be able to come and spend more time with us—or there’ll be a way for us to make the trip north.

He says in His Word, Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
That could mean that He fulfills that desire in some way OR that my desire is assuaged and the pain is lessened. Then God does something really good in my life and the wonderful peace that I get from that blessing is hard to describe. I praise You for who You are, what only You can bring, and how You will fill whatever gap this release might leave. I would much rather trust God because He loves us unconditionally, no matter what we may be dealing with.
Why can’t we simply learn to apply God’s wondrous truth to everything we go through each day?
The good fight is doing good deeds for the glory of the Lord when the devil is attempting to steal us away from God’s incredible love.
I know this is not true, but it hurts that someone would say that knowing what all I do for God. I’m praying for those of you who are in the midst of pain, confusion, and sadness right now.
Without having faith, we try to please other people; however, trying to be something we’re not in order to make them happy makes us miserable. We can’t expect for our dreams to come true without allowing the Lord to first have His way in our lives.
Instead of trying to chase the things we want and how we’d like things to happen, we should give our concerns over to the Lord. Unfortunately, the devil is attempting to distract us from remaining on the right path that God has set before us. After my second miscarriage I spent day after day after day lying on my couch, weeping bitterly as I poured out my heart to God, telling him how hurt I was, how I just couldn’t understand how He could let this happen.
I know we all make mistakes and we all including myself have typos, but at times I wish we, including myself would have taken one more glance at our work before publishing.
We should remain on course because because God can give us encouragement during difficult times. Right” into my life and desperately need a new place to live but have yet to find a place that will be any better than where I am now.

I am your age and we just got a puppy, which is like having a toddler around the house; always busy and me always moving to keep up with him! Yet in my 30s I can’t seem to find a decent Christian man that I care for who cares for me back. We lift up your names to our loving Lord who has Your Names engraved on the very palms of His Hands.
While they don’t last they at least make me feel happy in the short term bc God did create us for relationship.
Today I pray for God to carry me and cover me in his peace-to help me in my unbelief when things don’t make sense. I know he has bigger plans but the struggle is real when all your friends are happily married creating their own family units, only leaving you to pick up the pieces of being alone. But we see that it was God’s will for the good of the nation, goodness that flows on to us today. I truly wish I could give you each the desires of your hearts but since that is not mine to give, I point you to the One who weeps with you, who knows the loss of His only Begotten Son, and who saves every tear you cry because You are so very precious to Him.
I have walked the road of pregnancy losses with my daughter with 3 precious grandbabies in heaven. Romans 8:18 For I reckon that this suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us. I had decided that there was more than one way to become a mom and wrote a rough draft to an adoption agency early in the week of learning later that same week that I was pregnant.
Am I wasting my time calling prayer lines and trying to believe a miracle of divine intervention? PLEASE, I know it’s a want, not a need to be a mother, but you were the one who placed the desire in my heart rat but you were the one who placed the desire in my heart, God.
His arrival, just as in a stable in a manger, may look different than we expect, may even catch us by surprise but His plan will always be accomplished. Pray for His Will on earth as it is in heaven and rest in the peace only He can give- a peace that transcends all human understanding.

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