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El catala Joan Queralt va ser l’encarregat d’obrir el concert de Noah Gundersen amb els temes del seu segon treball Welcome Home, un recull de cancons que combinen el folk amb el rock i el blues amb una clara influencia de la musica americana.
A les 21:30 va sortir a l’escenari Noah Gundersen, cacadora de pell negre, cabells despentinats deixats anar i expressio timida. El concert del jove artista america (nomes 26 anys) ha estat possible gracies als vots dels seus fans a Cooncert, web que a traves dels vots dels subscriptors, promou les actuacions d’artistes dificils de veure en directe a Espanya (com diuen a la seva pagina “No hi ha concerts impossibles”) i al suport de Binaural, web musical de referencia al nostre Pais.
Gundersen no s’oblida de temes dels seus anteriors treballs com “Cigarettes” o “Ledges” que el public congregat a la sala canta entregat.
Gundersen also uses this song cycle to work through questions of existence, religion and love - like demons that need to be exorcised before he can then move on to his next body of work, fresh and newly improved. There are similarities in sound between him and someone like the radio-friendly fodder of British breakthrough artist James Bay but while the latter received a recent Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, Gundersen whose work is much more earnest, lyrically superior and with an innate gravitas that is genuinely heartfelt gravitas has only now begun reaching a wider audience.
Don't miss the chance to see Gundersen live tonight, April 5 when he plays San Francisco in "An Evening with Noah Gundersen" - a solo, acoustic set at the Swedish American Hall.
Examiner: You did a tour last Fall with the launch of the album – were you surprised with how well-received it was, you were selling out venues fast and moving shows to bigger venues or even now adding extra dates by popular demand – do you feel like there’s real momentum to this album? Noah Gundersen: As an artists I’m always hypercritical of everything I do and I am never quite satisfied – I guess it’ the curse of making art for a living it’s the thing that drives you and brings you joy but also keeps you confused and questioning. Examiner: And today you kick off your solo tour – will you still have your touring band with your brother and sister?
Examiner: How was the experience of writing and recording your debut album, Ledges different from Carry The Ghost which you took no time writing it would seem?
NG: Ledges took a while to make because there were complications in the process – so it happened over the course of a year or two.
Examiner: There are some strong themes running through Carry The Ghost a questioning of who we are and a certain acceptance, religion features in your upbringing but where are you at with it now? Examiner: As I have sometimes mentioned in previous interviews I find that my own issues with faith often prompts me to look for clues in songs like "Empty From The Start".
Examiner: "Halo (Disappear Reappear)" reminds me of Lightning Crashes by Live – what’s the guitar that you’re using? Examiner: “Empty From The Start” for me was a gem buried deep in the album – track no 9 – as we discussed earlier it’s lyrically astute “Blood and bone no holy Ghost, empty from the Start” but also its melody and the amazing harmonies with your sister – can you tell us your first memory of singing harmonies with your sister?
Examiner: You have quite the talented family and you do The Gundersen Family Show – a Christmas show every year, how did that come about? Examiner: You talk about coming to terms with writing about your feelings for a living – what was your hang-up about it? Examiner: Both times you chose to self-produce – what was your motivation for doing it that way, was it financial or are you a bit of a control freak? Examiner: Writing for “Sons of Anarchy” gave you a certain confidence how has that affected your songwriting since? Examiner: Some instruments are harder to live with than others – my son plays the bass and it’s great to hear him master a bass line and as a listener be able to recognize it but when he was learning the trumpet, it was painful. Celine Teo-BlockeyBay Area Concerts ExaminerCeline Teo-Blockey, is a music-lover with experience writing for newspapers, magazines and blogs in Singapore, London, Sydney and now San Francisco. Hard Rock to host the world’s largest, one-day music showcase: Hard Rock RisingIt all happens on Wednesday, June 1.
Amb la seva simpatia i la seva guitarra va escalfar magistralment l’ambient amb temes com “Reflections” o “King of California”.
Assegut a la cadira situada enmig de l’escenari va comencar amb el cantic cristia “Down to the river to pray” i des d’aquest moment el cantautor de Seattle va dur a terme un recital en el que no va parar de brillar. La guitarra sembla una prolongacio del seu cos, la seva veu despren emocions a cada paraula.

Es mostra proper i fa bromes constantment, ens agraeix la nostra presencia, sorpres de que la seva musica hagi arribat tant lluny del seu Seattle natal, de que tots nosaltres coneguem i vulguem escoltar les seves colpidores cancons. Gundersen, gracies per regalar-nos un directe ple de talent i sinceritat, marxem amb les emocions a flor de pell i una admiracio absoluta.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The Seattle-based songwriter's creative sparks translates into fully-formed songs that he delivers with the rawness of an open-wound and a depth of emotion that resonates long after the melody has faded into the ether. Carry The Ghost advocates accepting the things we cannot know, see or change and taking ownership of any failings and past misgivings. This in part is thanks to the ground swell of loyal fans that have supported him from the beginning - many of whom were introduced to him when his songs were featured on the HBO hit, Sons of Anarchy - and the strength of the songs in his follow-up which elsewhere also sees echoes of Tom Wait and the slightly harder edges of rock songwriters as he branches out from the folkish Troubadour stylings. By the time, I had recorded Ledges I had a mass of material ready for the next project already. I was raised a Christian and I feel like anyone who has had that upbringing comes to a point where you reach a fork in the road – and some of us earlier than others – where you feel that’s it’s not what you thought it was. As a songwriter you’re processing all these things and writing these songs but none of us have all the answers. I can’t quite remember exactly when we started harmonizing together but I think it would have been when I was about 13, and started to write songs.
We used to do it in a little coffee shop in Centralia, then we moved it to a slightly bigger location in Seattle. There’s a whole industry dedicated to getting us to deal and talk about our feelings – psychologists, counsellors etc… and we see what happens when we don’t talk, don’t sing. And I think it’s great that it’s not as stigmatized these days to talk about these things but I think with social progress we’ve gone a little too far. They were basically asking me to write one of my own songs but brought some lyrics to the table.
For the last 15 years of my life it’s the thing that has given me a sense of fulfillment, that I have worked hard at and tried to improve. We were very fortunate my parents were always very supportive of my siblings and I learning to play instruments. A mother of two young boys, she became tone-deaf to music in those early child-rearing years.
La van seguir “Boathouse” del seu treball Ledges i “Halo” del seu ultim disc Carry the Ghost, la presentacio del qual servia d’excusa perque Gundersen visites per primera vegada Barcelona. Temes com “Show me the light”, “The difference”, “I need a woman” o la meravellosa “Slow dancer” demostren el creixement artistic i l’evolucio soferta en el seu ultim treball: mes madur, mes consistent, una mica mes fosc, sempre captivador. Following from his debut Ledges, his sophomore Carry The Ghost shows an artist who continues to grow with his craft - as he works through questions of the craft itself. Well, I have done weekend trips by myself but this is the first time I’m doing it completely on my own for a good length of time. In hindsight, I was a little impatient, now I am trying to temper my enthusiasm by having a little patience with these next crop of songs. I wasn’t thinking of the Live song when I wrote it but I can certainly see why you say that. It was one of those times my dad came into my room while I was playing and said ‘you should play with your sister since she’s studying the violin.’ I’m sure I was like ‘maybe. We seem to have this sense of entitled validation to to our emotional experiences which can be very narcissistic. Given previous songs of mine that they had used on the show, I could relate to the feelings of loss and grief so I just tried to channel those into the song I wrote.

When I was 19 or 20 I wrote this song about drinking too much and the feeling of ceramic tiles, falling and blacking out. Now that her 9 year old has been playing the bass guitar and rocking out on stage to the hits of DEVO, Talking Heads and Lennon, while her 6 year old has taken to putting on concerts in their living room, she has found new joys in her passion for music and taking every opportunity to see her favorite bands.
Els seus gemecs se’t claven directament al cor com un punyal i no necessita res mes que la seva veu i la seva guitarra acustica per transmetre mil emocions. Simple yet stirring melodies led by his hushed baritone which will soar with the effect of a roomful of strings when in truth - it's often just Gundersen and a forlorn guitar. In making the album and going through the song cycle I have learnt quite a lot from the whole process so with the next one, I am going to make the album with all these lessons in mind.
I have a buddy who will be with me for some of it but mostly it will be me in a rental car by myself. It’s really an excuse for the whole family and our friends to get together and sing these songs. It is also for financial reasons – I now do it for a living so if I say I didn’t want to be successful it would be disingenuous.
But I don’t want to be confined to a camp of songwriters who become known for singing about their struggles with religion. In our consciousness, everyone is the center of his own Universe but it shouldn’t be that way on a cultural level. But with this next one, I am working more with the band and lifting the creative boundaries a little.
To grow and get better with anything, you have to practice so if you’re a songwriter, you write… a lot.
So I feel self-conscious when I am talking about my feelings but that is part of being a songwriter. This thing that is ethereal and doesn’t really make sense – it’s the closest thing to magic, but practical magic.
If you are living with anyone who is learning to be a songwriter or play an instrument like the drums or guitar, it is not pleasant. These songs are still meaningful and we give the money we raise with ticket sales to different charities. I am always going t o take a confessional form or be topical – I can never get away from it.
Due to the nature of a few songs on my debut some people think I am Christian and a religious person. And that’s what a song like “Selfish Art” is about – there is at least an acknowledgment that I see myself as the center of my own Universe. But through my songwriting I also try to experience empathy, to get out of our own boxes and to understand people who have a different set of beliefs.
You know when you are in Europe and you see all those old castles, they were built with human hands a hundred years ago and they are still standing. It’s not curing cancer, not fixing world hunger – it’s trying to tap in to this magical thing and build a small monument that will perhaps last in cultural history - this love for music. Sure I still get infuriated and upset that so much of this puritanical conservative thinking has affected our society in so many ways for so long in our history – when I think about it, I still feel pissed off but I have nothing new to contribute to that artistic conversation anymore.

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