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The absence of Wonder Woman, a character traditionally part a superhero triumverate with Superman and Batman, became even more noticeable after the recent Comic-Con announcement that we’re going to have yet more Superman and Batman on the big screen — but this time, together!
Still, while Hollywood is quite sexist, and I have no trouble attributing the lack of female-led superhero films in general to that fact, Wonder Woman still presents some serious and legitimate problems for anyone who wants to bring her to the screen today.
Well, asserted my masculine authorities, if a woman hero were stronger than a man, she would be even less appealing. There is, in short, a very specific artistic vision here, in the hothouse plethora of wings and dresses and nets and eloquently curling hair. It’s true that Wonder Woman was made into a successful television show…as well as into lots of other comics, and an animated film, and even into a seminal piece of video art. Every now and then I remember that we haven’t done a post outlining advice for men in a while. A post that’s been kicking around in my head for some time now is around the things that I think men need to stop doing.
I Agree with all seven of the points listed above, but for #3 you might want to rethink that one. It is absolutely unfair to label all women crazy because of the dysfunctional types that you have dealt with.
One thing I have learned over the years from other brothers and myself even, is to stop arguing with them and learn to be rational and logical not emotional. I can't guarantee that this headband will give you super powers, but I can guarantee that you will feel like you're running faster. I sewed mine with the sewing machine, because it was out and I was doing some other sewing for my grandma. Jake and Mims want me to point out that this headband is the Sleeping Beauty Tiara if you leave the star off. We all know her, we all need her, and men particularly, need to realize the things that they should do to make all the important women that they cherish and love to feel happy and cared for! First off, treat her as if she were something precious that you want to be together forever with.
Secondly, treat her like how you would want a man to treat your sister,your mother,your girl friends. Don’t put her down, or make her feel uncomfortable when you are hanging out together with your friends or your parents, Stand up for her, if one of your friends puts her down, confront them and tell them that it is not okay. It’s a predictable choice, and a result of the same dreary calculus which insists on recycling the same guys (and it is always guys) over and over, rather than creating something new, or possibly with a slightly different gender. The man who created Wonder Woman, psychologist William Marston, was … well, he was kind of a kook. Look at any given page of the original Wonder Woman run, and you’ll find women and men alike trussing each other up in inventive and improbable ways.
Wonder Woman is explicitly supposed to be bringing peace — but she comes from an Amazon warrior culture and spends most of her time fighting. And that artistic vision is precisely why it’s hard to take Wonder Woman and make sense of her in a different context. If you have to ignore the characters’ oddness to make the thing work, why use the character at all? It’s not that we don’t have opinions about men and the things they can do better; it’s that we get bombarded with questions from women all the time. It’s not like we haven’t discussed all these things before but they need to be rehashed because over the past year it’s gotten out of control. Quit making them insecure – Men have the worst way of making women feel inadequate in every possible way.
Stop dry snitching – All jokes aside, stop snitching on other men to benefit your own cause.
I have one and while this Mya strike something in the Gender Norms, I feel it has to be said- Don't Drop Self-Sustainence once In a Relationship.

I can't tell you how Annoying as Hell it was as a College Student to be the ONLY One to handle a Dorm or House I was sharing. In my limited personal experience I have encountered a great number of dysfunctional acting females.
Don't be afraid of a little confrontation or to actually have something done your way. Not until my wife did I realize I was doing nothing but making life tougher than it has to be because I just wouldn't stand by how I felt about something. It doesn't only make the woman feel bad, but it also kills the feelings she might have for you.
Would you want someone else to treat the women you care about in non positive, non caring, and non loving ways?
This means really treating her like a princess, by caring for her needs,her wants and always paying attention to her emotions and taking the time to ask questions and to talk to her. Appreciate her as she is and never underestimate her intelligence.Listen to her and respond in a non-condescending manner, even if you don't want to follow her advice or opinions. A dozen red roses every time you go out is too much and at times too fake, but a single rose with a handmade card tied with a ribbon, now that is sweet,simple, and a true way to show you care. If something is wrong with the relationship, sit down and have a conversation and try to resolve the conflict.
Susana Polo at The Mary Sue made the argument that is usually made in these situations: that there is nothing tricky about Wonder Woman, and that the reason Hollywood is unwilling to greenlight a film is because Hollywood is sexist. He believed that women were superior to men in large part because they were more submissive than men. No, I maintained, men actually submit to women now, they do it on the sly with a sheepish grin because they’re ashamed of being ruled by weaklings. Here, for example, is our heroine breaking free of a gimp mask with her teeth while mentally providing a brief background in bondage history.
There isn’t really any way around the fact that Wonder Woman is an avowedly, even militantly, feminist icon who wears a revealing swimsuit, plus a lasso and bracelets which were intended to be, and are still read now, as bondage gear.
Those original Wonder Woman comics are glorious and bizarre and beautiful — they are some of the greatest comics, and damn it, some of the greatest art, ever created by anyone.
The ongoing comic by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang presents Amazons as castrating child-killers and makes Wonder Woman the daughter of Zeus so that her powers come from her patriarchal bloodline. The current media landscape — and the moderate advances of feminism in media — have arguably made Wonder Woman more, rather than less, difficult to deal with.
Wonder Woman, on the other hand, was deliberately, ideologically feminist, sexual, and even messianic. If you don’t want the feminist bondage submissive pacifist lesbian goofiness, why not just make a superhero story about someone else? I know there are Wonder Woman fans who love the character in her later, more conventional, almost uniformly badly written incarnations.
We address those issues first because that’s what we hear the most and let’s be quite frank, most men feel like they don’t need anyone else’s help. I read an article the other day that talked about how men stopped being men and that ruined relationships in the 21st century. Keep it real, there’s a ton of stuff that women believe in that men just disagree wholeheartedly with. How good you are to your woman has nothing to do with all the bad things your boy does to his. I think we spend a lot of time telling women about themselves but not a lot talking about men. Also try and to give her comments that make her feel good rather than put her down; positives over negatives!
At the end of the day every little thing you do, and every effort you make to show the women you love that you love her will be noticed, and it will make your relationship stay together.
He designed Wonder Woman expressly as an icon to teach both boys and girls the virtues of female strength — that female strength being inextricably linked to submissiveness.

Give them an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to and they’ll be proud to become her willing slaves! She comes from an all-female culture which excludes men — but her mission is to save man’s world. Just look at Xena, Buffy, Katniss, and Korra — there are lots of female action heroes now who are empowered in ways that don’t involve bondage imagery or all-female-community essentialism. They know that they can’t tell her that she looks fat or awkward in the dress she plans to wear.
You have women turning habits into character traits and when you bounce they spend years trying to fix their flaws. Like have you ever heard, “Damn baby Halle Berry looks like you in this picture”? Once I detective they don't have good sense or demonstrated backward crazy behavior I leave them alone.
Some men just think they can treat women the way they please but it's not suppose to be that way.
So in other words, treat her as how you would want all the other women in your life to be treated; with love, respect, and protection.
Once this is complete in the coming weeks there will be a lot more quotes by Marilyn Monroe and other authors. And that’s not even getting into the not-even-a-little-buried lesbian eroticism of the original comics. But a studio simply isn’t going to pony up the funds for a feminist bondage extravaganza on the strength of the fact that something similar made money six or seven decades ago. So in a bloggy blog world where most of the material is targeted towards women and what they should do or what they shouldn’t do, it’s time for a post about men… and their malfeasance. Men have tried so hard to emulate the actions of someone who is super-sensitive and soft mannered to the point that the women don’t even recognize a doormat from a man anymore. I know the black community has suffered a lot psychologically and has been constantly stressed out, and to be fair the same can be said about many black males. Women deserve to be treated with respect and calling her crazy is not part of treating her with respect.
We've also changed the sorting on the site so you now see the latest Marilyn Monroe quotes first. Fans agitating for Wonder Woman often point to the Thor movie as if Thor is a similarly odd or difficult choice for a film.
Any Wonder Woman film that gets made is going to have to make her blander while leaving her recognizable. I think for today we should all take these things into account and make sure these aren’t things that we do as men and need to change.
If you didn't love her for who she is inside and out, then you wouldn't have been with her in the first place. For women, if you notice this behavior in men you interact with; don’t be afraid to call them on it.
Don't ever, and I mean ever date a woman with an ideal of a what you think a perfect woman is and try to change her to fit that ideal. It is not fair to her or to you to expect something like her changing herself and her essential being to fit who you want her to be.

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