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What perfect timing – I was just going to start looking for a new Facebook icon and then I happened to spot this post.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. SMMInteractive can help.  We can train you in a one on one environment to show you exactly how to best use it, or we can set up a social media marketing plan tailored to fit your business, and then show you how to run it.
For those customers that qualify, we can even set up your social media marketing plan and then, under your guidelines, do it for you.
To get started, look at the other pages here to learn more about our vision of Social Media Marketing, and then when you are ready, just fill in the form on the right to get started. As a marketer I want to see less pretty picture infographics depicting contrived statistics that do not provide absolute numbers and hide behind percentages.
Great perspective on the bi-directional influence between social media and search results Monica. Small business owners are attracted to social media because it’s fast and free, but remember: There’s an opportunity cost for everything. Many larger brands make the mistake of using social media exclusively as a way to advertise offers. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Slides to accompany a presentation for the Students in Free Enterprise chapter at Southeastern University.

I’m thinking that you should probably add it because its becoming popular now and a lot of people are using it and adding Google Buzz icons on their blogs. Loved the icon set, you should place a list with the names of the social media sites to know which are those, I’m not familiar with some of them. But why are you spending time building a cool set of icons when people (mainly me) are waiting for the Minimal Theme?! I think what would make a great idea is if you were to include a tutorial on how to create your own…. While some have been around for almost a decade, others are just now stepping into the spotlight. As new technologies emerge, social channels need to adapt to survive in the evolving digital landscape. This cheat sheet will give you the insight you need to effectively reach out to your online audience and facilitate a successful conversation. To generate awareness and traffic to your site, products and services in a competitive online world, carefully mold your SMO plans like through content sharing.
Keeping in mind that various feedback loops influence quick, pivotal chages, it is a very intuitive perspecitve to look at how social media drives search results as opposed to how traditional SEO efforts drive traffic to a web property.
Those percentages are very interesting, especially the statistic about Google+ having over 1 billion accounts and 559 million active. While a compelling social presence helps you reach people faster than practically anything else, social media marketing can also be a time sink if it’s done incorrectly.
People generally won’t follow your account if your latest update is more than ten days old.

Its over a completely unique subject however it has essentially the very same layout and structure. Sometimes this falls into the same line-up as RSS, SM sites and register for our newsletter. Does this include people using gmail or hangouts exclusively, or using it to comment on YouTube? Forcing people to register by mandating adoption for continued use of other services - well that’s not cool – it smacks like an abuse of power. Applying this information can help you make better decisions on social for your personal brand and for your business. Net - there is an old expression “There are lies, dam lies, and statistics" Marketers worth their salt know that this type of carpet bombing of statistics is of little value and comes across as self serving rhetoric.
For example, are these decisions about local purchases, online purchases, fashion, tech, software, etc.

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