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And yes thanks Flo6, there are definately a slew of incredibly talented African designers who are superb in everything from Ready to Wear, Couture and Bridal designs. I just want a lump sum settlement and I'm on to the next meal ticket *cough* I mean father of my child whuxt I really aint tryna have but wanna get paid. You have posted enough for 10 orgers to be banned on the other thread already, no need to start it on this one too. But things are changing slowly but surely because I had the opportunity to attend Couture Fashion week back in February of this year in NYC and a handful of the designers showing collections were African because it was a special "Focus on the top African designers" day. It's spread throughout the world and has morphed into so many different forms, each one unqiue, different and exciting.
You have Caribbeans moving from island to island, and when they do that, some islands' cultures change, along with the most-listened to type of music.

He is without a doubt the sharpest, CLEANest, coolest, BADdest brother in the fashion industry and on the planet truth be told.
But it's a WHOLE udder thang to see all that chocolatey foineness and talent in live action and the voice .
YOU JUST HAVE BAD LUCK WHEN IT COMES TO MIRRORS AND SUNLIGHT! RIP Dick Clark, Whitney Houston, Don Cornelius, Heavy D, and Donna Summer. And has resulted to both ladies revealing how weak their pussy walls are, how they f*cked so they can pay their fees in school and how one of them is a 3 pointer and the other a failure with CGPA of 2.whatever! But many others have also made it into regular Fashion Week showings mingling with well known American designers.
I've always loved New Orleans style music, and some of their food, especially cajun style, since it's spicy like many Caribbean foods."We (Humans) are all Africans.

I was like, what do they need bodyguards for, did Jesus move about with bodyguards?But I seem to have a rethink now.
Soon they will be carrying guns around and some will even come to Sunday service in military helicopters afterall it for protection.

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