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As a thanks to all for your continued support and for feedback received by many I have edited Kidnapped The Wrong Sister and put it up for free. I love the his book and this will be my second time that I will be the second time I have read this book. Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard.

I think when you write a book you really have to use your imagination and your words to make the characters come to life for the reader so when that person is reading the book they can see the people and almost become the person or person’s they are reading about and to see the places in their minds. At least that is how it happens to me when I read a book if I can see the people and places by the description the author write’s in my mind and the story holds my interest to the point where I have to make myself put the book down than that is what makes a great book to read.

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