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You have won a National Award and other awards, worked on some amazing films with a range of directors.Why was it necessary for you to take this next step? What kind of satisfaction do you get when you perform in front of audiences?When I became Miss World, things changed. Pratt became the central figure of one of the most memorable speeches in sports history."Of course, I knew he that would mention me in the speech, or I believed he would mention me in the speech," Pratt said during an interview with The Associated Press.
This happened within a year.What are we going to see you in next?You are going to see me in Gunday. Eastern."I don't think anyone really thinks a movie will be made about their life," Pratt said. I started with modelling.Suddenly, I became Miss World and I was doing interviews and talking about the economy of Uganda at age 17!I was like accha, yeh bhi samaj main aana chahiye, one should talk well.

I still do a lot of thinking because I like to conceptualise my act and I like doing something different in all my acts.When you are on stage, there is no room for error. The third single is coming up.When is that coming up?I don't know because I am shooting the video day after tomorrow in LA (Los Angeles). The movie focuses on how Pratt struggled to make ends meet for her children and persevered with the help of family and carefully chosen friends. It was (directors, Wizcraft International) Andre Timmins and Viraf Sarkari's imagination that made it this phenomenally big show.What I like about IIFA is that we are taken to the fans. Her efforts paid off when Tony graduated from college and Kevin made it to the NBA."It's a blueprint," Durant said. All the other award shows they get to see on television, which is great also.To me, Hindi movies are like an experience.

Anything can happen."Pratt said Durant's famous humility is rooted in his early life experiences.
She said Durant always has been generous, even when the family didn't have much."One of the things I have always taught my son is that we are blessed," she said. And she still delivers tough love."Always know your responsibility as the parent," she said.
Everything is an experience and that is what IIFA gives you.We have been to Macau, Bangkok, London, South Africa and so many exotic countries across the world.

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