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Sorry is such a word which we would like to hear from the others but would not like to say to others. I am so sorry, ever since I have hurt you I have been feeling really miserable lets be friends again. I was very sorry when I found out that your intentions were good and not what I supposed they were.
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If we have done a mistake and feel bad about hurting others because of the mistake, it is better to apologize. One might feel bad about confessing the mistake in front of the others and say sorry but a person could always use sorry quotes to accept mistake and make the other person feel better.
We should use the sorry quotes before it becomes too late and that we lose a person and a great relationship. Saying sorry does not degrade us anyway but we must keep in mind that, very few people could accept their mistakes and say sorry in front of others.

Accepting mistakes and saying sorry is ok but feeling miserable and sorry for oneself is not a good sign.

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