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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Insensitivity of the baro -reflexes may play a role in the genesis of adrenergic hyperactivity.
Abnormal cardiovascular or renal development The normal cardiovascular system develops so that elasticity of the great arteries is matched to the resistance in the periphery to optimize large vessel pressure waves. Elevated blood pressure later in life could arise from abnormal development of aortic elasticity or reduced development of the microvascular network. This has been postulated as the sequence of events in low birth weight infants who have an increased risk of hypertension developing in adulthood.
This peptide is then acted upon by angiotensin -converting enzyme (ACE) to create the eight-amino-acid peptide angiotensin II, a potent vasoconstrictor and stimulant of aldosterone release from the adrenal glands. Despite the role of renin in the regulation of blood pressure, it probably does not play a central role in the pathogenesis of most primary (essential) hypertension; only 10% of patients have high renin activity, whereas 60% have normal levels, and 30% have low levels.

In hypertensive patients, this pressure- natriuresis relationship is reset so that maintenance of sodium homeostasis requires increased extracellular fluid volume and higher arterial pressure. Intracellular sodium and calcium Intracellular Na + is elevated in primary (essential) hypertension. Hypertensive Urgency Emergencies include hypertensive encephalopathy (headache, irritability, confusion, and altered mental status due to cerebrovascular spasm), hypertensive nephropathy ( hematuria , proteinuria , and progressive kidney dysfunction due to arteriolar necrosis and intimal hyperplasia of the interlobular arteries), intracranial hemorrhage , aortic dissection, preeclampsia eclampsia , pulmonary edema, unstable angina, or myocardial infarction . Hypertensive emergencies require substantial reduction of blood pressure within 1 hour to avoid the risk of serious morbidity or death Hypertensive emergencies are treated in an ICU BP is progressively (although not abruptly) reduced using a short-acting, titratable IV drug. Complication with high blood pressure, target organ damage Malignant hypertension is by historical definition characterized by encephalopathy or nephropathy with accompanying papilledema Complication of high blood pressure characterized by very elevated high blood pressure 2. Captopril Start Oral drugs Emergency Urgency Establish HTN * Look for co-morbid conditions When the blood pressure has been brought under control, combinations of oral antihypertensive agents can be added as parenteral drugs are tapered off over a period of 2–3 days . More frequent visits will be necessary for patients with stage 2 hypertension or with complicating co morbid conditions. Yearly monitoring of blood lipids is recommended , and an electrocardiogram should be repeated at 2- to 4-year intervals depending on whether initial abnormalities are present, the presence of coronary risk factors, and age .

Co morbidities such as HF, associated diseases such as diabetes, and the need for laboratory tests influence the frequency of visits. Other cardiovascular risk factors should be monitored and treated to their respective goals, and tobacco avoidance must be promoted vigorously.
Low-dose aspirin therapy should be considered only when BP is controlled because of the increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke when the hypertension is not controlled. Not only the SBP, but DBP is also equally important regarding treatment Sometimes, antihypertensives are used not only to reach the target BP, but also for some other beneficial effects.
We should be cautious about the combination antihypertensive drugs , as they causes Electrolytes Imbalance, Bradycardia , Exacerbation of Br.

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