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93% of women say they have significant influence on what financial services their family purchases. Besides the financial and insurance sectors, both the automobile and alcoholic beverage industries struggle in their efforts to connect with women. Conversely, Millenials were most likely to connect with today’s marketing messages, but the spending power of this group is decidedly lower than Boomers. Women say that financial institutions that do manage to market their products and services effectively to the female demographic still have a lot of room for improvement.
A 2009 study by Financial Finesse back shows stark differences in the ways men and women feel about money. Another study from Boston Consulting Group back in 2010 found that women globally identified financial services as the industry they are most dissatisfied with on a service and product level.
Instead, men’s brain seems to be neurologically developed in such a way that they encode more easily the feelings of other men. Although men do not exhibit any obvious difference anatomically, several studies have stated in recent years that there are morphological and functional differences between the brain of a man and a woman. Experts showed to volunteers some pictures depicting 36 pairs of eyes and asked them to describe the feelings they saw.

When the volunteers had to encode the expression of eyes belonged to men, the activity of amygdala (area associated with emotions, empathy and fear) was more intense, as well as in the parts of the brain associated with previous experience and emotions. This “less personal” approach of female expression means, according to scientists, not only that men find it more difficult to interpret, but also that empathy of men is less developed towards women than towards representatives of the same sex. Not everyone buys into evolutionary psychology, either, it’s completely based on sexist theories about both genders. Marketing from financial institutions in particular fails to connect with women on a personal level.
With so much influence, one would assume that financial services companies would market effectively to women but research by Insights in Marketing says differently. Hardly surprising when you realize that only 3% of the creative directors working in the advertising business are women. Many financial brands are missing opportunities to connect with Boomer women at a time in their lives when they not only have interest but also the resources to engage in these categories.
The firm analyzed more than 3,000 responses to an online financial planning questionnaire, revealing trends regarding spending, saving and investing.
Those surveyed said the industry doesn’t understand that women view money and wealth differently from men.

A new study claims that men are not capable of interpreting the emotions of women – at least from their eyes. This feature is believed to have important evolutionary usefulness, since it must have been a key factor for survival in the “wilder” era of the most powerful prevailing male. Moreover, specialists of the University of Edinburgh conducted experiments which have shown that men are not able to interpret the feelings of others according to their facial expressions. For example, women don’t seek to accumulate money, the study reported, but see it as a way to care for their families, improve their lives and find security. However, when the evaluation was related to women, volunteers were trying to remember the last time that they had seen similar women’s expressions and what they meant. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.

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