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Flexting is the practice of flirting with an individual via text messages.So, if you too have that girl or guy you want to get to know but can't work up the courage to speak to, begin with flexting. If you think that the conversation is reaching that point where you'll have to use the dreaded 'so, what else?', ask him questions that will enable the conversation to get back on track. You can ask him about something that he's passionate about, so he'll be more than eager to respond. Do you need to get tips and advice to find dirty talk examples and phrases and make him beg you for more?
And I have a rule if a girl doesnt answer after 2 messages or 2 phone calls its on with my life.
Initially when you mentioned that I did think it made it seem fake, but then I realised that she probably scrolled through and took the screenshots all in one go.. In today's technology-driven world, texting is a common and fun way of building up rapport.
Plus, it's special cause the two of you shared something in common.]Give hints that you want to get togetherOK.
They've kinda caught on to the fact that women find guys with a sense of humor both intelligent and attractive. You may be a stickler for complete words in texts, but he may not entertain the same notion.

Just because the guy is making an effort with emoticons doesn't mean you bombard him with texts that have fewer words than smileys.
You may be all 'Yo girl wassup!' when you meet her in person, but limit the use of such language while texting. Most girls like it if a guy can express himself in a text without compromising his macho image. While using a certain amount of emoticons is OK, using more symbols than text can be interpreted as lack of interest in the conversation. The funny thing is that most woman simply do not try and spice things by sending their man dirty and naughty text messages. Also provided at the end of this article are some messages that, we assure, have worked for many! Two thumbs up!]Keep her interestedThere are quite a few ways you can keep a girl interested in having a conversation with you. You must watch it too!' could get her confused whether she was the intended recipient or not. You can try sending your guy a text while he is at work to get him excited to see you and tell him exactly what you want to do to him.
Whether they're good old SMSs or the various IM services that smartphones have, flirting through text messages is here to stay.

Just like any other practice, there are some things that are acceptable, almost imperative, and those that are frowned upon, even in this art.
Nothing can massage a guy's ego more than the girl he's flirting with telling him that's he's funny.
You can also be very descriptive as possible to make your guy's head spin and beg you to say more and more. It also makes her go 'awwww' when she reads it 'cos you took out the time to wish her good day.]Be politeHey Sash! Sending text messages is a easy way to get started with dirty talk and it can take away a lot of the anxiety if you are worried about saying it to his face when starting out. You don't have to say it in those many words, but you can definitely give him a hint that you would like to meet him.

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