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We recently discussed how to both automatically start a Keynote presentation, and how to automatically stop a Keynote presentation, all to a schedule. This time, I would like to cover how to automatically start a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on Mac OS X using Power Manager. If you need to power on and power off your Mac, Power Manager can help with these tasks as well.
This article was posted in PM4, Power Manager, and Recipe and tagged AppleScript, dssw, Power Manager, PowerPoint, presentation, and recipe. When presenting your PowerPoint presentation don’t you sometimes wish your listeners were more interested, hanging on your every word? If getting someone interested in your business plan is half the battle in raising funds, the other half is the oral presentation.
Any organisation financing a venture will insist on seeing the team involved presenting and defending its plans – in person. Keep these 10 key points in mind when preparing for the presentation of your business plan.
Explain your strategy in a business-like manner, demonstrating your grasp of the competitive market forces at work. Provide the latest information on sales, profits, product development, market tests or other evidence-based milestones. While you may not be able to change your personality, you could take a few tips on presentation skills.
You need to have every aspect of your business plan in your head and know your way around the plan forwards, backwards and sideways!
Always end your pitch with a sincere thank you to your listeners however you feel the presentation has gone. Business Plans for Small Businesses, published by Crimson Publishing, is available to buy now.

You probably already know that a good presentation does not live off of graphics and animations alone. Do you emphasize important facts and figures with attractive PowerPoint illustrations?  Furthermore do you dress according to the event, are schooled in rhetoric and are aware of your body language? Whichever little tidbit of information or story you decide to start with – it should have a relevant connection with the content of your presentation. Try to lure your audience with some mystery and show them a puzzling image – for example display two objects on one slide and ask what they have in common. They can help explain complicated issues and make it easier to grasp a difficult thought or theory. Humans are very visual: capture your audience with a little 5-minute movie for example at the beginning of your presentation. Don’t elaborate on unimportant issues but rather confront the listener with your main thesis right at the beginning of your presentation. You have complete control over the words that you use but you have less control over the tone of your speech so you must work hard to sound professional, interested, open to criticism and friendly without being over familiar. You may be able to control your body language at the beginning of a conversation, but the more you become involved, the more your subconscious will take over. Listen to comments and criticisms carefully, avoiding a defensive attitude when you respond.
Some of this information may be too current to include in your written plan so here is the opportunity to add strength to your proposition. Eye contact, tone of speech, enthusiasm and body language all have a part to play in making a presentation successful. But with these 5 pointers you can enhance your performance and have everyone listen intently the next time you present.
If these statements apply to you, you apparently already have know-how concerning presentation skills.

But by starting with a little surprise, you will get your audience’s attention right from the beginning. Follow up your movie with some questions and then afterwards directly continue with your presentation.
Body language at the beginning of a conversation is absolutely key to a successful presentation.
This approach allows time for the many different questions that must be asked, either now or later, before an investment can proceed.
But haven’t you asked yourself what the difference is between a good and a great presentation?
Of information relayed, 87% comes from the eyes, 9% the ears, and 4% is via the other senses (taste, touch and smell). Remember that they see hundreds of proposals every year, and either have (or know of) investments in many different sectors of the economy. If this is not your first business venture, they may even have taken the trouble to find out something of your past financial history. People who rest their chin on one hand and have a finger in or near their mouth need reassurance. Those who rub their chins are thinking or making a decision and will not be listening to you.

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