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Talking Angela is a scary urban legend about a mobile phone app that allows creepy hackers to interact with kids and take pictures of them.
They say the creepy man is able to take photos and record video of you through the phone’s camera and if you zoom in and look carefully at the cat’s eyes, you can actually see him.
In one of the more sinister cases, a young girl was talking to Angela and got the scare of her life. In another case, a child was talking to the cat and happened to place his finger over one of Angela’s eyes. Some Spanish-language websites claim that a young boy named Eli Morenos, who lived in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, disappeared shortly after his mother downloaded the Talking Angela app. One woman claimed that her daughter stayed home from school and was on her iPod playing with Talking Angela. At that point, the mother said she had heard enough and yelled at her daughter to shut off the app.
When a police officer came to interview the little girl, she told him that she had been using the app with her cousin and Angela asked both girls their names and her brothers name was what school they went to.
Apparently the cat is also asking girls for their phone numbers and if they’ve had their first kiss yet!!!

This app is scary I download it and the first thing it said to me was, “Hi, my name is Angela. I downloaded the game and then some thing totally creepy happened… as I was playing talking angela I said hey, and the cat replied, hello little lady, and I said how r u, angela resoponded better than youll be tonight, and I asked what about tonight?
But I deleted The app after 6 or more months Beacuse I had heard about someone looking at you thourgh the camera! And Talking Angela had asked me too one Time What Cloths i am wearing right now and If I am in a realitonship yet or If i had a Date!!!
OMG 1 have the talking Angela app when I first saw this I thought it was a hoax upon doing further research I found out it was true gotta delete the app now.
Angela is a white cat with blue eyes who has a conversation with you and can answer any questions you ask. It said the app had been taken over by a creepy guy who uses it to spy on children and possibly kidnap them. Sometimes there is just an empty room, but sometimes you can see a creepy guy watching you. She was so freaked out that she called the police department and they said they would have their internet investigations unit look into it.

Ppl can hack into ur devices and take pics and vids without using an app…just saying.
I use a gorilla mask when I talk to her and Angela also does negative things :P I uninstalled her cuz she sucks.
He has managed to hack into the app and uses it to gain access to personal information on people’s phones.
Even if you close down the app, it keeps running in the background so he can watch you and take pictures.
About a year later I found news on Pinterest that that app was watching me and hacking me… But!

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