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6 things artists should never put on their websitesChris BoltonYour website is often the place where fans will initially encounter you and your music, so it’s very important to make a good first impression. Professional band photos are a must if you want to be taken seriously by industry professionals.
Videos and music that begin playing immediately annoy the heck out of people, and sometimes it can be downright startling.
References with the same first author but different second authors are alphabetized by the second author. If two entries have the same author (or same 2 or more authors in the same order), list them in order of year (earliest first).
In-text Citation: In this case study, nursing students were given the opportunity to work within the cultural and economic framework of a particular community (Browne-Krimsley, 2004). In-text Citation: Halloween costume options are unlimited thanks to online shopping (Slatalla, 2004).
In-text Citation: Surface pain tends to indicate a less serious problem than does deep throbbing pain ("Eye pain," 2005).
In-text Citation: "An estimated 10 percent of new moms experience a more severe form of emotional distress known as postpartum depression" (Mayo Clinic, 2008, Definition section, para. In-text Citation: Government funded health care is categorized as a "single-payer system" (Montgomery, 2006).
In-text Citation: Many people in the scientific community, including University of Minnesota, Morris biologist and blogger PZ Myers (2009), remain skeptical about homeopathic treatments for cancer.
In-text Citation: Burns suggests that a major problem in human relationships is not a fear of intimacy, but rather an addiction to conflict (Van Nuys, 2009).
In-text Citation: Watson (1968) recalls that "much more difficulty came from the necessity to fabricate representations of the inorganic icons" (p.
In-text Citation: Nursing Theories Conference Group (1980) presents different nursing theories in terms of diagnosis, treatment and evaluation. In-text Citation: According to Chiang and Massague (2004), "Not only are cancer cells able to traverse the structural boundaries of the primary tumor, but they can also co-opt local and bone marrow-derived stromal-cell responses to their advantage" (p. In-text Citation: The electroencephalogram (EEG) was first used in the late 1930's to monitor sleep activity (Webb, 1997). In-text Citation: The invention of the Concord 40 years ago failed to spur the technology that would make ultra-fast air travel available to the masses (Sparaco, 2009).
In-text Citation: "Researchers from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland found that, come deadline time, students who put off assignments suffered more stress" ("Procrastination is bad," 1997, p. In-text citation: Studies showed that Depakote, an older treatment, was equally effective in treating manic illness and it produced less side affects than Zyprexa (Burton, 2000).

In-Text Citation: The Iranian legislation would not call for a new election despite nearly a week of protests (Winslow, 2009). Use parenthetical citation with the author's last name and year of publication just next to the material that you are citing. If there is no author, provide the first few words of the title (use parentheses for articles or chapters of books and italics for titles of books) and the year. If you are using a direct quotation, include the page number (where available) after the quote.
Kibler (1993) reviewed literature that demonstrates that various forms of academic dishonesty have been with us since ancient civilizations and that academic dishonesty, for a variety of reasons, has increased. The Style pages directly from the American Psychological Association, perhaps the best way to stay up to date. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The Harvard System is used in many universities but it does not work very well if you are citing URLs. Whatever system you choose to use, you must be consistent with the format of your referencing. If you are referencing the same source as in a previous footnote you can shorten the reference using Op.
Online Citation Generators and Managers are a good way to create citations and bibliographies. SUU English Department Writing Center guides, including MLA and APA format, grammar and paper writing guides.
NOTE: Citations from databases are computer generated and should be checked against style guides or the citation guides noted above. Citation Generators are software applications that can generate citations for your Works Cited or Reference list.
Maintained by Calvin College, this site generates citations in MLA, APA and Chicago formats. The following citation managers are free but should be used with the same caution noted above for database citation generators: Check the citation for accuracy against style guides. The Microsoft Word 2010 and 2011 References feature can manage citations, in-text citations, and generate a bibliography of sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
Just because you have a lot of content in digital form doesn’t mean it all needs to live on your website.
While you may have some truly excellent iPhone photos of your band, I highly recommend getting a photographer with some nice equipment to take some pro photos for your press kit.  The more creative, the better.

If you want your fans to stick around and read what you’ve written, use highly readable fonts like Helvetica or Ariel.
Backgrounds should be just that – something to act as a simple backdrop to what is being featured.
Moreover, the percentage of students who report ever using a cheat sheet doubled from 34 to 68 percent.
In his Plagiarism Handbook, Harris (2001) noted that a "free-term-paper site, run by a 16-year-old, receives 13,000 hits a day" (p. Since these programs will produce good citations only if you enter correct article and book information, it's a good idea to check the results against the appropriate Style Manual.
Includes examples of works cited and reference list citations, in-text citations, paper format and sample papers. You need to pay particular attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates to make sure they're accurate. However, since these programs only work well when you enter the correct information, it's advisable to check the results against the appropriate Style Manual. Bloggers and journalists will be more likely to write about your music if you have high-quality photos to entice their readers. Implementing a process approach to information skills: A study identifying indicators of success in library media programs. Surprisingly, nearly 90 percent of college students "strongly agree or somewhat agree" that it is wrong to "hand in someone else's writing as one's own," to "use the Internet to copy text to hand in as one's own," and to "purchase papers from print term-paper mills" (Scanlon & Neumann, 2002, p.
If you have 150 show posters, feature your top 10 on your blog and make the rest available in an archive or upon request.
Keep the most important information front and center, and let your fans click deeper into your website if they need to. Harris gave an example of a librarian who studied plagiarism herself and could not order a paper from a paper mill because the site was "flooded with 800 orders a day" (p. The plagiarism handbook: Strategies for preventing, detecting, and dealing with plagiarism. His book marshals lively instructional cartoons that could be used in teaching and discussing the subject of plagiarism.

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