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The English-A-course year 6 from the Lemmchen-school in Mainz-Mombach wanted to meet English-speaking people. Therefore we went to Frankfurt airport with voice-recorders and interviewed passengers in English. Each group picks out one passenger and writes down what they have found out about that person. We design posters about our day at the airport and present the information in the school-house.
After all the effort, we treat ourselves at Europe`s largest McDonald`s in Terminal 2. Cengizhan, Muhammed and Sabri gave their best in order to provide interesting interviews for us!
We learn how to use the MP3- and the Mini-Disc-recorders with the headphones and the microphones. 10 wierd people you meet at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport - How Nigeria Oops!
This post, for some reason, and despite captcha, is getting comment spammed, so I'm going to have to shut comments off for this post. You used to be able to pack several pieces of luggage, check them at the counter, and slowly make your way to your gate. Ironically his trip to Tinsel Town comes in the same week he claimed on his Ford Nation YouTube show that he disliked the a€?celebritya€? label.Even if he does not get his chance to walk the red carpet on Sunday, he is still set to appear on Jimmy's hit ABC show on Monday. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you had something large, like skis, then you might have to take them somewhere else to check them in, but for the most part you probably didn’t think twice about your bags. The ambitious Progressive Conservative politician became an international figure of fun after a video emerged of him smoking crack with a gang in Toronto.Despite calls for his resignation, he has steadfastly refused to leave office, and at the airport even claimed he would run for re-election later this year. Funny enough, most people understood what we had asked and they were very friendly and helpful.
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Now, not only are you limited to the number of bags that you can take, but there are all sorts of fees associated with checking your luggage in as well.

Yes, now on most airlines you have to pay for the first piece of luggage as well, meaning that virtually nobody can get away scot free without paying something. You might scoff at the idea of baggage being “expensive.” Still, remember that if it costs you $25 to check one suitcase and there are 3 people in your party, then you just paid $75 to check your bags.
You see them trying to bribe the airport staff, or even someone in the line when cutting the line does not work.The pervertEvery airport has a pervert and MMA is not an exception. Remember that you can take one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a purse or briefcase. The pervert is usually the one who just sits and stares at you inordinately possibly making lewd gestures, has his eyes glued to a pornographic magazine or watches a porn movie loudly, not paying mind to his environs.
Some women find that carrying the largest purse they can possibly find and stuffing it with small items works for them. Sometimes these breed of passengers even ask inappropriate questions unabashedly or try to start up weird conversations.The eager touristTheir dressing alone marks them out.
For the carry-on bag, folding clothes well and only packing 1 extra pair of shoes can cut down on space. You find them wearing fur coats, winter jackets or flowery shirts, depending on the destination they are heading to. Another trick that is often used is placing clothing in large Ziploc baggies and squeezing the air out of them in order to make the items lay flat.
They are more concerned about the environment waiting at the end of the flight rather than the immediate physical discomfort of the journey itself.
You can also avoid paying the fee on most airlines if you are an elite frequent flier or if you booked a business or first class seat. Also, they are usually the jolliest and most cheery of travelers.The celebrityYes, celebrities – both local and international – pass through the MMA on a regular basis, however, aside from the actual celebrities, there are others who grant themselves the status and try to force it on other passengers at the airport. If you have to check your bags, remember that if it is over 50 pounds you might get charged an additional $50. You see them wearing sunglasses through security, demanding special attention and asking someone else to carry her bags. Basically, they are divas and can be a pain to the airport staff, as well as other passengers.The first timers This set of people are hopelessly clueless, they have no idea what is going on, or how they even got to the airport. Weighing your bags before you leave your house is one way to ensure that your bags are not over-limit.

It is usually nice to help them out with the basic information they need.The Disconcerted ParentsThese passengers usually have a baby or an army of children with them.
If you have anything heavy, and this includes on your return trip after you’ve bought souvenirs, then pack them in your carry-on bag.
Their struggle is more evident when the kids get hungry and give in to gales of tears or howls of misery. If you need to take boots with you or heavy shoes, or even a heavy coat, then wear them on the plane. Many times, the other passengers feel sympathy for them, except of course they have a crying baby whose screams are loud and disconcerting.The important business manThey are usually loud and take a lot of phone calls while waiting on their flight.
It generally appears as though the businessman is far more important than the phone call as he struggles to let everyone know just how important he is. Also, consider buying travel-sized versions of shampoo, saline, conditioner, and moisturizer or purchase these when you arrive. If more than half of the item has been used on your trip, then toss them before boarding the plane so that the extra weight will not be added.
They exist in a world of his own, glued to their gadget without looking around or interacting with anyone else, until their flight is announced.The lovebirdsThey are the ones you find making a  public show of their romance.
In addition, if you’re on vacation and you purchase some souvenirs that could bring your weight limit up, then consider mailing them home. They are sit together, feed themselves, laugh loudly at each other’s jokes and  if it is possible they also want to go through security together!
Lastly, paying the fees in advance over the internet might not let you get your bags in for free, but it can save you money. Much like a crying babies, a loving couple can show up and make everyone uncomfortable.The sleeping beautiesThese are the ones who do not have a care in the world, they are not bothered about their luggage being stolen, nor do they care about snoring at a public place.
Some airlines are charging $5 more if you pay the checked luggage fee at the airport itself. They sprawl on the airport seats, deep in sleep, oblivious to the things happening around them.

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