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The time this owl wanted to point out that this would be easier if you put down your camera.
Our intention is simply to celebrate our bodies, have fun, and remind everyone that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The idea of acting masculine oftentimes goes hand in hand with having that masculine body we see so often in the media. This body is something that we feel is represented in Calvin Klein ads, which is why we wanted to create our own.

We can promise this with absolute certainty, because kittens are tiny furry bundles of joy and adorableness.This week, Buzzfeed has blessed the internet with a video that unites tough guy men with teeny tiny little kittens. And, just as we knew would happen, big tough men who were kind of nervous or ambivalent about kittens ended up LOVING THEM.
Fact.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowWatch the video below for the extremely entertaining reactions of stereotypically manly men reacting to little "loves of joy".
Watch them struggle to explain the immense feelings they're feeling at the presence of kittens.

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