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A jilted boyfriend desperate not to waste a lavish holiday he had booked for his girlfriend is advertising her place on eBay. Romantic Jake Dodridge, 21, was dumped shortly after he booked a ?650 trip to Venice for him and his partner. Desperate to not waste the expensive trip, Jake advertised the trip on the online market place in a bid to find another young woman to take to the four star resort. The IT technician from Newbury, Reading, is even asking for potential bidders to send a photo of themselves so he can double check their gender. From the looks of these pictures, Selena was smiling like crazy whenever they were around each other.

And when they struck up a conversation, they almost got as close as they were on that jet-ski!
While Selena has recently been linked to models Tanz Watson and Andre Hamman, she's smiling a lot around Tommaso. Winter Escapes: Meet An Adorable Boy When You're On The TownOur guy expert, Eduardo Ramos give you tips on meeting a guy when traveling. Todd MarshardAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowOn The Go: Maybe you're lost and need help with directions, or you wish you knew how to pronounce a word in the local language properly.
Most PopularAt A Bar: You are alone and you've spotted a guy who has sparked something inside you.

Tropez yesterday with some friends we recognized, like Cara Delevingne, and others we didn't — like the mystery guy she was so obviously flirting with! While jet-skiing and chilling on a yacht, Selena cozied up with Tommaso Chiabra, and it seems like there is definitely something going on between them. If he wants to talk, he will know where to find you.Click here for our vacation checklists and don't forget to check out our guide on what to pack for your getaway!

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