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No matter how loudly screaming feminists that a woman’s happiness is enough to feel Autonomous and independent, all women still dream of a decent life companion.
So single ladies, especially those who have more than 25 years, every day wondering how to meet the right man, the relationship which will give them true happiness. A clear idea of the appearance, character and the mental qualities of men in women do not exist, and she does not know which partner she needs, therefore, the representatives of the strong half of her party pass. And while waiting for this happy meeting, you need not to spend idly, and to good use, doing their own thing, working on personal growth and appearance. It is important not to get carried away with perfection too much, so as not to miss crucial meeting on time and understand that he is the One. However, the admiring glances familiar to many beauties, which still can not develop a serious relationship with a man.
To see if he could the man, the woman would help the feelings that she experiences with him. Wondering how to understand that this man is your destiny, do not need to consider its capital, to study ancestry or trying to predict the height of his career in the future.
It is more important to feel you understand whether this person sees in you a person and he loves you genuinely, truly, just how you like it. The girl who since childhood, was adored by his father, formed the specific requirements for men she is trying to transfer the model of relations in the parental family on their link.

But the dream is not abstract, but specifically, preferably by making a list of qualities and outward signs, which should have a future partner. It often happens that a man and woman meet by chance views anywhere in the metro, and a few weeks later they are introduced between mutual friends. How do you know that that’s your man, if other than look lustfully spoke compliments and gave expensive gifts? Often girls begin to date men, which, according to the opinion of others, are ideal candidates in men: well-paid, courteous and behave politely, do not violate the rules of public morality and know the etiquette. Next to your man you don’t want to pretend to be someone else, to behave with him you will be as natural as with close friends or family. Feeling completely safe next to a man – one of the main answers to the question of how to understand what it is your man. If after only a few hours after meeting with a man you starting to feel like you’ve known each other all their lives — it may be your destiny. If he hugs, kisses or even just a light touch cause the butterflies in the stomach — no matter what is his profession and how old he is.
There is no better way to understand that the man is the one than the loss of interests and views.
This aphorism heard every educated person on the planet, but not everyone understands the depth of wisdom in this simple statement.

No need to be afraid that he will not be able to buy expensive gifts or not will be on hand every day. But of course, none of the satellite does not fit into the ideal image, in the end, both of them are disappointed, relationships are torn apart. Only by working on yourself and raising your self-esteem, she will be able to change your life. If a man flashed into life and then almost immediately disappeared – he is someone else, even if at first it seemed like he was the one. To build a relationship with a man who absolutely does not share or your position in life, or your interests, it will not work, even if in bed you absolute idyll. Loving hearts, United by common views, is the perfect kind of couple that can overcome all the difficulties of life and to maintain their pure feeling for years to come. In order to meet the right man in this case, the girl should learn how to forgive men their dissimilarity with the perfect image formed in her childhood dreams. Because a partner in life, the important thing is not the sum of his Bank savings and ability to farm.

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