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A responsive web design makes it easy to access a website from any device be it the smartphone, tablet or a laptop.
Your website link navigation structure should be based on the organization of your website.
Use 301 redirects to inform the search bots about transfer from the old web version to the new one.
Update your website permalinks with optimized keywords that you would be needing in order to redirect the old pages to the new version. Designing an SEO friendly website is not just about making yourself visible on the search engine. Copyright 2014-2015 © Free online community, share traffic in groups, topics, interests and blog post distribution.
Out of these, 50% of the search made by the consumers lead to a store visit within the next few days. From the developer’s side, you do not need to create multiple pages to adjust into different screen sizes.
That is why, it is fair enough to reason out why content marketing is an important marketing tool. Deleting the old pages, will cause you more trouble since when visitors enter your new page, they will receive a 404 error instead.

You can even use a customized 404 page to help you back up any links in case you have forgotten to redirect to the new web page. It is also about designing a template that brings in the right functionality that makes the user experience visitor friendly. All that you have to do is develop a responsive template that will reshape itself judging your device screen size.
There are more problems because, search engines will remove the page from the search results, thinking that the page no longer exists.
So the next time you design your website, ensure that it’s both search engine as well as visitor friendly. As far as the platform is concerned, you can decide to run the website using static HTML template files or a content management system that uses a responsive theme.
One of the common mistakes that businesses make is, including important information inside pictures. When designing your website’s navigation structure, make sure not to take your links three level deep. This will help you to maintain the domain authority that you have managed to build using SEO efforts. You can include links to your website’s main service page, home page, about page or even to the contact page.

WordPress for example, is a popular content management system that can help you create a static website, e-commerce store, blog, forum or anything that you want to run online. If you have uploaded a video or an image in a particular web page, make sure to include a text based transcription below.
Your navigation structure should be important for viewers to understand and this also applies to your search crawlers. If you want to add a phone number or a contact address, then place them somewhere else like below the image. You can also contact a web development company that can help you create a new .htaccess file on your website server. This will make it easier for the search bots as well as for people who are interested to contact you. This will boost up your page keyword optimization and help people identify what is inside your page.

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