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A quick tutorial that will show you how to make your own website and have it up and running within a few hours.
Now you’ll need to work out how to present the content in such a way as to drive user towards your end goals. This can be done using a storyboard; often called a site map but as we will use that term for two other aspects of website development I believe storyboard to be more appropriate. There are several tools that allow you do plan this out in detail but usually all you need is a pen and paper, at least for a first draught. When you have defined the channels you must then plan out in which order to present the content to enable users to complete your goal.

We’ll look more at web usability and user psychology later on to help refine the structure of your site.
If this page doesn’t convert them where do I need them to go next to get another chance? Once you have pages for every group and have a way for them to reach the goal regardless of which page they start at you can begin to consider the design of your site. In future posts we’ll look at ways of using analytics and data capture to allow users to tell you their needs and help refine your site structure. Partially this will be done from the design stage and partially from creating a plan of your site. More complicated sites may benefit from the ability to edit and move planned pages as your view of user needs changes.

I’ve been designing blogs for a while, but never thought about structuring a website.
The homepage should cater to all of your user groups allowing them to find the channel of content most appropriate to them. They cost around $5 a month for their cheapest plan and the coupon code FREEHOST42 lets you get the first month free (can always cancel after the first month and pay nothing if you change your mind).

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