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Using a fictional example, you run a pet grooming business called Clare’s Pet Care LLC, based in the small city of Therruck in the county of Hampshere. Yes, but the importance of a keyword-laden domain name isn’t as high as it used to be. Registering multiple domains can also protect your brand by preventing other companies from registering similar addresses, innocently or otherwise, and preventing domain squatters from buying addresses to sell at inflated cost. Like text headings, page titles are part of your website’s HTML code as generated by WebPlus. As each of your pages has a particular purpose, choosing unique, useful names should be easy and should incorporate your marketing keywords.
The second example is easier to read and describes the page’s purpose with a higher density of keywords, and those keywords are nearer the front of the name.
Some would recommend placing your company or organization name in each page’s name, but this can detract from their usefulness in tabbed web browsers. Dale is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for shaping all the marketing for PagePlus and WebPlus, keeping up with what's going on in those markets and describing those products to people clearly to help make them even more popular. A well-considered web address and good page names can boost the relevance of search terms used within your site. Your marketing has unearthed that everyone in Therruck with a car could reach you within 15 minutes, and so could 75% of the county.
Google and other search engines now focus much harder on what visitors actually want from sites and whether sites achieve it.
Page titles serve multiple purposes: they appear in web browsers as shown above, and they appear in search results.
We’ll assume, as mentioned in an earlier article, that each of your pages should have a clear purpose, delivering distinct and useful content, preferably content that is entirely unique to that page (while also inevitably containing generic terms such as popular keywords). Keep names below 60 characters in length; Google search results can display more in its search results but shorter is usually better. Consider using your company name in the page name for your home page, pages about you, and your contact and find us pages, as they really are about your company.
If you’ve not already seen our other SEO articles that lead you to this point, read our introduction to search engine optimization and the follow-up article on optimizing site text in WebPlus. Your local catchment area is broad but doesn’t really extend across to other counties. Search engines measure visitor satisfaction in a number of ways and the methods are always improving so, as we’ve stressed before, providing visitors with relevant, useful and fresh content is key.

Buying multiple domains all leading to the same site can help with people typing your address straight into an address bar if they only remember part of your address, business name, or if they misspell, but it will have limited effect on search ranking.
They could be important to differentiate some words (consider the well cited Experts Exchange example), but shouldn’t be used for sentence-length domain names. For search results, you can afford long titles; for browsers they need to be short to be useful.
Content should not be duplicated from one page to another within your site: remember that a high quality site is the most important SEO goal. In WebPlus, the page title and page name are usually the same, but you can make them different if you want to see a certain name while designing compared to the title that visitors and search engines will see. For other content pages, viewers will likely know what company’s site they are on without it being in the title, or they will care far more about the content they have found so your company name can come later in the page name. The setting of this magnificent restaurant is a fabulous old Moscow palace that was built in the year 1889 as the personal residence for the Count Altuphev, who was a general of the Russian army during the reign of the Russian Czar, Alexander III.A A As one enters the Great Hall of the palace, he is instantly overwhelmed by the great vaulted ceiling, the massive hand-carved wooden staircase, the gorgeous stain-glassed windows, and the imposing and awe-inspiring chandelier that was bequeathed to this building many years later by the dictator Joseph Stalin.
A happy medium is probably best, but some rules can guide you to a useful title for each page.
All of this adds to the opulence and magnificence of this historical place a€” which makes an evening spent in fine dining here nearly overwhelming.A A When guests from the West come to visit, you would enjoy taking them to this restaurant because it is such a unique experience to have dinner in an actual Russian palace. And again like headings, there’s an easy way for you to control this within WebPlus too.
However, what makes the occasion even more impressive is the level of service provided to each customer. You can check the availability of web addresses or buy your domains using a domain name registrar or as part of setting up Serif Web Hosting. A client can hardly breathe before an attendant shows up to courteously ask how he can serve you better or provide anything that is needed.A A When dinner finally arrives, it is carried to the table by servers dressed in tuxedos and white gloves. It’s ideal for your domain name and website to both mention your chosen keywords, and for the name and content to complement or match each other.
Each plate is covered by a glistening, pure silver dome that conceals the entree until the appropriate moment.
Once all the plates are set in place, the servers stand to the side of each person at the table. All at once, in perfect unison, they lift the pure silver domes from the plates to reveal food that has been meticulously prepared for each diner. Hence, these were well-trained, highly refined, cultured,A high-class servants who served with sophistication and finesse.

Think about it a€” why would this level of excellence be expected in a high-class restaurant but not in Goda€™s Kingdom?A As Goda€™s servants, we should be well-trained, highly refined, cultured, and equipped to minister to any need with which we are confronted. There is nothing more important than what we do for the Lord, so God expects us to serve with the best attitude,the finest appearance, and the highest form of service and professionalism we can render in His name.A It must be distressing to God when He sees believers tolerate a standard in the Church that is lower than the one found in the world. Therefore, shouldna€™t our standard be the highest, the one by which all other standards are measured?
When people come to the Kingdom of God for the first time, shouldna€™t they be shocked to see a higher level of excellence than they have ever beheld before?A As Goda€™s a€?servants,a€? we should set the example of excellence in every sphere. Here are just a few examples where the worddiakonos in the New Testament lets us know that an excellent attitude and a high level of professionalism was expected by the Early Church leadership. The phrase a€?ministering to the saintsa€? referred to the giving of that offering, but the wordA a€?ministeringa€? is the wordA diakonos. Paul prepared and served his messages with painstaking care.A The occurrences of the wordA diakonos depicting the ministry and the preaching of the Gospel are numerous throughout the New Testament. They served Him likeA deacons, or like waiters whose supreme pleasure was knowing they had attended well to the needs of their Master. This clearly means angels have a God-given assignment to a€?servea€? believers with meticulous,A detailed attention.
He was so committed to fulfilling the assignment given to Him thatA He was even willing to a€?servea€? to the point of sacrifice. His a€?servicea€? would demandA the highest level of commitment, dedication, attention, and excellence.A Think of it!
However, dona€™t think that a higher position will alleviate your needA to keep serving, for wea€™re all called to serve, regardless of our status, rank, or position.A So keep in mind that God is watching you today. In fact, God is happyA that I am His representative because my life shows forth an excellent image of who Jesus isA and what He stands for in this world. Can you honestly say that you are serving in your business or church with a high level of excellence, or have you permitted your performance to slip to a mediocre standard that is unacceptable for a child of God?A 2.

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