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This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results.
Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices. I a have got to know about this new rule of Google Search Result a few days ago when I was signed in to my AdSense Account. As I'm not expert of these website software packages (CMS), that is why I can't suggest you any solution regarding these. Site speed is an underrated quality in website optimization because it’s affected by a number of individual factors, and can’t be directly controlled or changed the way your onsite content can. Faster loading times lead to higher user satisfaction, higher user retention rates, and allow for more time for site engagement. All these factors are amplified by the fact that mobile devices tend to load more slowly than their desktop counterparts (and mobile users are less patient as well, since they’re usually after more immediate information). Your first goal should be to optimize the images of your site, since they’ll constitute the majority of your site’s data. Content delivery networks are systems of distributed servers that make the delivery of your webpage information faster and more streamlined.
This action is a bit technically complicated, but it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. A good caching plugin will store some of your site’s data so users can access your site faster in the future. Most plugins increase your site size and decrease its ability to load quickly, so do a thorough audit of all your plugins, and get rid of any that you don’t actively need on your site. Gzip compression can help you reduce the number of bytes different elements of your site occupy. All website transfers are based on the interpretation of code, so the simpler the code you use, the faster your site will be able to load. UTS has joined with four other universities and the NSW & ACT Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to create a tool for potential students who do not come from a background of further education. The Make Your Mark website complements and supports the significant on-the-ground work the universities are undertaking in partnership with schools and communities as part of Bridges to Higher Education, a partnership of UTS, the University of Western Sydney, the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the Australian Catholic University. In a joint statement the universities said Make Your Mark would be a great asset for students, teachers, parents and community role models alike. Chair of Bridges to Higher Education Annette Cairnduff said there were many questions facing students who may be the first in their family to study further. Not just for recent school leavers, Make Your Mark is a portal for potential students of any age who want to find out information about what to do, where to go, and who to speak to.

Director of the UTS Equity and Diversity Unit Jude Stoddart, UAC Managing Director Andrew Stanton and UTS Student Equity Project Officer Trudy Phelps at the Make your Mark launch.
By 2018 the demand for people with higher education qualifications will outstrip supply to the magnitude of 22,000.
Recent research by KPMG* on activities conducted by Bridges has shown that intervention early in education clearly changes attitudes of both students and parents towards higher education. Among surveyed parents and carers, 96 per cent reported improved knowledge of higher education options, while 94 per cent agreed that their knowledge of higher education benefits had improved. The website will help all people in NSW and the ACT to look at education options as a way to reach their life goals whether it is to be University or TAFE. It is basically depends on the content management systems (CMS) that you are used to manage your websites or blogs. You have a responsive design implemented, and you’ve used Google’s mobile-friendly checker tool to make sure every page of your site is loading properly for mobile devices.
Still, site speed if vitally important if you want to give your visitors the best possible experience. Cutting your page loading times, even by a second, can lead to a dramatic increase in user engagement. Reducing this data as much as possible (while maintaining the integrity of your images) is crucial to shrinking your page load time. The technical details here aren’t important; just know that this makes the request and delivery process faster for mobile users.
In a normal environment, HTTP requests are done individually, but the “keep alive” response header keeps the connection open, allowing for multiple requests to be done simultaneously.
Try not to tinker with the settings too much or you’ll interfere with its ability to make your site faster.
Don’t be afraid to keep a handful that you actually use—but most webmasters end up accumulating far more than they realize. In short, it keeps the integrity of your site intact while reducing the total amount of size it occupies. It’s on you to “minify” any CSS or JavaScript lines on your site; this means deleting any unnecessary lines of code, spaces or other “fluff” that takes up space and doesn’t objectively add to the value of your site. If your pages were loading slow at the beginning, you may have been able to shave multiple seconds off your loading times. This website is aimed to provide them and their families with the information they need to make the first step, so they can make their mark," Ms Cairnduff said. The Bridges program has delivered more than 200,000 contacts with school students from around NSW, with 97 per cent of students surveyed having indicated increased confidence levels in their academic abilities.

It will help prospective students make decisions and provide parents with further understanding of what their child can achieve and would be undertaking. But if the result is negative, then take sufficient steps as quick as possible to make your site Mobile Friendly.
But don't worry Google Developer guides on making sites mobile friendly will provide you complete solution.
The faster your website performs, the higher authority you’ll be seen to have, and the higher ranks you’ll be able to earn (the user experience factor helps here too). Once implemented, your site is going to run cleaner and faster, and all your mobile users will appreciate the increase in speed and availability. Those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds and people from regional communities experience similar outcomes.
Moreover, 87 per cent of students surveyed felt better prepared for university and 81 per cent reported improved motivation to complete year 12. But I will recommend you to avoid the Custom option, because it may not work fine of mobile device.
Then, strip your images of any unnecessary meta data (while keeping them optimized for SEO with proper titles and alt tags). These things can bog down your site speed with unnecessary size additions, so get rid of them. It makes the page loading process more efficient by letting your users grab more information at once.
If you find that these changes aren’t enough to reach your page speed goals, it could be an indication that something is wrong with your hosting provider, or your specific package.
As competition continues to rise and Google continues improving the average user’s mobile web experience, any differentiating factor you can pull here is valuable. Once that’s done, shrink your file sizes as much as possible without compromising your quality.
Setting this up takes a bit of technical knowledge, but it’s not totally unapproachable for a novice—you can read more about it here. Some hosting packages lump many businesses together on the same plan, forcing you to compete for resources.

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