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BeRuby has commission agreements with all the sites that display a Ruby symbol and gives it back to you.
Members can earn money by various activities within the site, everything from completing offers to writing articles. Clickworker is a company based out of Germany that will pay you to work from home doing short tasks.
CoinURL is a free URL shorter site which gives money when every visitor visits our shortened URLs.
Members can earn bitcoins by various activities within the site, everything from viewing ads, completing offers to writing articles. Think Traffic has Moved!Think Traffic is now The Sparkline, a blog for independent entrepreneurs and creatives working to earn a living on the web. If you’re not familiar with website usability, the term might make you think of scientists in white lab coats and Rubik’s Cubes.
For those of you who don’t know me, I currently am a writer, coach and own a few online businesses. While my websites’ users and my business goals are now very different than way back then, I continue to follow some of the principles of usability that we used, and I’m still experimenting to try to understand how they apply to my current businesses. With definitions out of the way, how can usability improve your website and help you close the deal with more customers? A lot of usability is testing – showing your ideal readers and ideal customers pages on your website, and then asking them questions.
The misunderstanding is that much of the information in analytics tools are symptoms of a problem, not the actual problem itself.
For small businesses, I only recommend this for your bigger changes as it adds complexity and overhead, and by that I mean your time. Homework: Can you identify these tiny points in your website where tweaks can make the biggest difference?
Having done many website evaluations over the years, I’ve seen some websites completely off the mark, and others that are just a smidge away from the bullseye. Having one of those menus where you have to have a martial arts degree to get the drop downs to appear.

Download pages that offer you too many options – an affiliate link here, a banner ad there, oh, and way down here is your product. Whatever your goal is – to make money, to educate, to inspire, to entertain – make sure you’re doing it as best you can. IMO it’s return visitors that are going to be the most likely buy from you, retweet your posts, stumble you, etc. Anyone that performs those simple tweaks should see a really good increase in the amount of people sticking around their site.. I make it my duty to have an usability site so people can navigate and find what their looking for.
Thanks TrafficColeman – good luck getting those browsing customers into paying customers! Hey Andy, Great post to me usability is everything and especially for e- commerce websites, if you can’t find it what you looking for in 5 seconds you move on to the next website. I always think that if I understand how to navigate my page, I think everyone else does too.
Yup – people get defensive because they think because THEY built it, it must be right. 5) If your website is completely effortless ( I can go, i can search, i can find the cart, the billing system works, i can have an account, i can go back to account information and look at previous orders) ..
I participate in a couple of blog communities and a question was posed by a newer blogger today as to how to get people to her etsy shop. I wrote a repsonse to her letting her know what I had discovered and my suggestions for helping her to increase traffic to her etsy. Thanks Bernice – it is comical sometimes how people trip up their own beloved customers! These are good – I also recommend Neuro Web Design as well as Predictably Irrational, which are also useful for those of you with sales pages. Glad to hear you’ve already read the usability books; I find that many people have never heard of usability, let alone read up on the subject! Your bounce rate (the number of people who arrive and immediately leave) might be high, but no software can tell you if your customer is confused by your wording or if it’s actually the garish color scheme that nobody can read on their monitor.

That’s why I try demystify the topic of usability, because everybody understands the concept of getting your customer to go from not knowing who you are to being a happy customer ready to refer others to you. Now I listen intently and take my ego out of the picture when someone offers an opinion about my site. I’m my work I do a lot of evaluations of websites as well and it blows my mind how mamy businesses not stick with bad websites (with many and MORE problems you listed), but also defend the practice.
The one thing I might add to your homework is having someone ELSE look over your site, who hasn’t seen it before. I just couldn’t believe how difficult she had made it for folks to find her, much less by from her!
I hadn’t read either of the titles that you recommend, but will definitely add them to my reading list – thanks for the recommendations! We have put this site together to outline some alternative ways, that people can go about generating an income.
Can you honestly say with an emphatic YES that you make it as easy as possible for folks to decide to buy from you—and close the deal? But some parts of my blog are not as successful as I want them to be, and that’s why I seriously have to think about usability more. It’s not wonder were in a recession, people just don’t help themselves at all!! When there is a product being sold then the Buyer has to be able to use the site because (for most things) there are other sites available that offer the same or similar products or services.
I currently am running a personal blog, and preparing to design and launch a business site, so I have spent the past couple of month looking at a lot of blogs and the things that have drawn me in and those things that turn me away. Each book provides some great tips on usability as it relates to website layout and you may find some things that you haven’t tried yet.
Usability is where all of those different skills come together to do just what it says above – getting visitors to take action, start to finish.

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