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Bursting at the seams with creativity and innovative ideas, we help you build relationships with your customers online because we believe that relationships lead to conversations which in turn lead to conversions. Google says your customers will use tablets and smart phones to access your website more than desktops from this year forward. After that, use a coral or peachy pink matte (!) eyeshadow and use it to accentuate the crease.
Blake uses a black eyeliner on the top and bottom lashline, and she -or her make-up artists - also applies it to the bottom waterline (this is the wet rim in between your lashes and your eyes). Add some mascara, a peachy blush colour and a neutral colour lip gloss… and… tadaa!

I wear this look quite often, and I find it to be the perfect solution for a daily not-to-heavy make-up if you feel like doing something extra. As the world increasingly shifts to become more mobile, so wea€™ve evolved our philosophy of giving your customers an enjoyable and rich user experience to ensure that happens wherever they are and however they access your content, be it a website or a newsletter. Don’t forget to also apply a little bit of this colour in the inner eye-corner and under the eyebrow. In this blog I write about new beautyproducts, fashion trends, make-up techniques, and a bunch of other things that interest me. We have many years experience designing and developing brilliant smart phone apps, email marketing campaigns as well as responsive websites.

Websites that are focussed on conversion, whether that be getting customers to buy online or pick up the phone or find information about your business.

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