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As a math intervention provider i am tickled by these great ideas to teach number sense and place value awareness. Are medieval jewellery are designed to be worn as part of your fashion outfits and with all your Larp role playing costumes. Attach the strips together with a paper fastener.To use the fans, I ask the students a mental math question.
Fold a mailing label over the twisted ends so that little fingers don't take them apart, and won't poke themselves.

The purchased ones are very durable, of course, but if money is an issue (and in education, when isn't money an issue?) here's one way to make your own:1. Cut from craft foam or heavy plastic (I used craft mats that I purchased from a Dollar store, or a plastic binder cover would work too) rectangles measuring about 3 x 5 inches.2. Thread 5 beads of one colour and 5 beads of the second colour onto a pipe cleaner, or chenille stem. Thread the pipe cleaner through the holes of the rectangle as shown above and bend the ends over at the back.

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