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1)After the blocks are put in job site,they should be put in batches and specifications in order and sticked with label. 2)When stock piled,the bottom should be put up but not touch the floor directly,pls pay attention to avoiding water in order to become damp,the height of stock piled is not suitable to exceed 2 meters. 1.Setting-out before construction,start the masonry after setting out,before the external masonry,while setting out, you should leave a empty space of 5cm in the concrete part for making the insulation layer on the thermal (cold-hot) bridge.
1.The laying work of electric line box can be carried out after that the wall masonry has been completed and the wall is reached a certain intensity. 2.After the box hole is finished, the hole should be cleaned,the hole should be wet by water,later bury terminal box and switch box by M10 polymer cement mortar. 3.The pipeline slot should be filled smoothly by polymer cement mortar,then paste the fiberglass mesh cloth wider than 100mm along the slot.

2)Tools: spatula, level, Shouban saws, cutting machine, tape measure, steel ruler, steel template, matte board, electric mixer, brush, leather, nylon line pole, a red pencil, crowbar, hod, hammer, chisel engraved. Step 2: Test the LED light and install the LED bulb back and make sure to mount the LED load resistor to metal since it is HOT. After the completion of the wall masonry, the wall and the structure will have some deformation, it should leave gaps of 10-20mm at the top of wall ,then after 2 weeks fill the gaps with PE bar and foaming agent,it can effectively avoid the wall cracks caused by structural deformation. The position above 24 mtrs,in addition to setting support measures in each layer,it should also increase the mechanical fixing measures,fixed by the special anchor which is not less than 2 pieces in every square metre, and increased properly in the corner position.
If the length of wall is more than 6meters or more than 2times of the wall's height,it should set the constructional column of reinforced concrete. AAC wall can be built into the straight Cha or horse bud Cha, connecting wall and structure column can be used L shape support part(L-shaped iron piece) or steel tie bar.

AAC wall has strong rigidity, when the reinforced concrete structural column is used,it should use the rachel anchor bolt to fix the template, tap tap, to avoid damage to the already masonry wall and ,to effect the later use of the wall. When the concrete has a certain strength, without affecting the strength,it should make the surface of the concrete column reasonably smooth, so as not to affect the later decoration by putty on the wall surface, and increase the cost.

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