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If you look at the following 4 examples, which text would persuade you to click on your own website ? 5 easy ways google default search engine, How to make google your default search engine. How google https (secured ssl) search default , How to make google secured search default in chrome? How google homepage default engine chron., If you like using google to search for things on the internet, know that you can make google your home page and default search engine in all major web browsers.

Make google default search provider – google, Make google default search engine search address bar, web. But that doesn't make it less important because we actually always mention the title in combination with the description and the keyword meta tag. And with this title tag you are able to influence your search results with the search engines and the click behavior of the surfer on the internet.
Make sure that every page gets it own, unique title and use keywords and text that are relevant to the web-page.

Start to experiment with your title and find out which title provides the most clicks and the best conversion.

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